Wine on Pelješac peninsula

Save water, drink wine Save water, drink wine

Life is too short to drink bad wine!

Peljesac peninsula is the second largest peninsula in Croatia, and is still one of the “secret” places in Croatia, since it is just becoming popular among tourists. It is situated just an hour and a half drive from Dubrovnik through picturesque land, small villages, and hills filled with stunning vineyards.

Save water, drink wine through Pelješac peninsula

The whole peninsula is known for its outstanding red wine, which is made from the grape sort “Plavac Mali”, and two most well-known wine growing regions are Postup and Dingac. What we need to mention is that you will have help getting from one winery to the other - your driver is with you, so relax and try some more.
In this day tour, you will visit few wineries, meet the locals who are responsible for bringing this top quality wine to many restaurants in Croatia, explore the beauty of vineyards, and learn more about wine and its origins. 

This wine tour will give you an insight in the local life and traditions that characterize this unique region. After enjoying wine and local cuisine that Pelješac peninsula offers, you head back to Dubrovnik filled with new knowledge and fun you have experienced. You know what you'll be bringing back to Dubrovnik as well? Minimum of one bottle of wine.. you'll see!

Save water, drink wine through Pelješac peninsula

Drink wine, it may not be cheaper, but definettly better than therapy.

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