Walking Dubrovnik streets

Dubrovnik by night Dubrovnik by night

Dubrovnik is a city of many stories, in this half day guided walking tour you'll get to hear it all. You can decide when you wish to take the tour, we offer 4 different times; early in the morning (before the cruise ship guests arrive), morning, afternoon or sunset time (preferably the best one!). 

Walking Dubrovnik streets

This is a unique way to see Dubrovnik from a perspective of your local guide. This will start from the Ploče gate where you meet your guide and start slowly walking inside the massive stone walls. From there on, the walk will continue through its narrow streets, by the fountains, inside the churches, next to Rector's Palace, with the end culminating in climbing to the city walls.

You will also get to see the Dominican Monastery that was built at the same time as the great city's walls in the Gothic-Renaissance style. Not to worry as this is not just ''one-more-boring-tour", this one focuses both on the history and culture of this medieval city as well as the modern everyday life of Dubrovnik locals. 
All the insightful information on the history of the Balkans, political problems faced by Croatia and much more.

Take in all the beautiful spots, listen to stories and remarkable facts through the many centuries of Dubrovnik’s dramatic but alluring history. 

P.S. All our guides are young, fun and very interested to transfer their knowledge to someone new and ready to listen. Who knows you might end up having a drink with your guide afterwards and listen to some more stories.

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