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Even if you are not a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, you definitely know about the show, and if you are visiting Dubrovnik, you probably know it was filmed here. Not only filmed – Dubrovnik is the very centre of the story, King's Landing, the capital of the Seven kingdoms.

From the second season on, every season was filmed here indeed. You can only imagine how many stories we have to tell you about the locations, characters, actors etc. 

Valar Morghulis GOT fans DubrovnikAll of our guides were part of the filming somehow – by either being extras, members of the cast or members of the crew. A lot goes on behind the scenes and an unimaginable amount of effort goes into creating a spectacular TV show such as Game of Thrones.
We will do our best to explain all of that, by following the footsteps of the characters through the city. Enter the great Red keep, overlook the terrifying Blackwater bay where the wildfire destroyed Stannis' navy, have a look at the entrance of Littlefinger's brothel, walk the same walk as Cersei did for her walk of shame – but with clothes on this time!

Other than being King's Landing, some parts of Dubrovnik were used for Essos as well – such as Qarth. 
Find out more about this and many other unknown facts on our unique Game of Thrones tour!

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