Uncover Hvar island

Hvar island Hvar island

If it requires a bikini, the answer is YES! Get on board your desired boat, meet your captain for the day and start sunbathing, ups, sorry – sailing.

There are so many things why people visit Hvar Island, we pointed you out 5 of the best;

Uncover Hvar island

  • The sunniest of them all! Yes, this is actually correct, Hvar Island has 349 DAYS, yes days, of sun! You do the math.
  • Party island as lot of our guests like to call it. This island party's day and night during the summer time, in certain places. No worries, if that is the reason of opting for this day, the captain will be happy to take you directly to best spots!
  • Moving on to history - the oldest town in Croatia, Stari Grad (Eng. Old Town – imagine that!), where the Greeks settled from 384BC. There is a museum that still holds remains of their time.
  • Robinson’s Beach, called by the restaurant at the same spot, there is no electricity nor water, but everything on the ‘menu’ is fresh. You will know that as the menu like you see in any other restaurant does not exist, only fresh ingredients the owner collected that day. Place your order, take a swim at the beach and the owner will let you know once finished. 

Uncover Hvar island

  • Hvar is an island with lots of smaller islands near it. As you are sailing with a boat, explore the most you can while off shore. Pakleni islands are very close to Hvar and are very popular but not habitant. You will be able to pick your own secluded beach with no one else around. Eng. Hell’s Islands spread in length of 10 kilometers so there will be no problem finding your perfect place.

Among all other things, climb up at the top of Hvar’s fortress, where you will be overlooking most of Pakleni islands and whole Old Town - just imagine the picture. Don't waste another minute, be fast to book your Hvar adventure, grab your swimming suits and get off the grid!

Uncover Hvar island

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