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Friday, 13 March 2020 17:48

5 musts for 48 hours in Dubrovnik

This blog post we've decided to share with all of you who have for any reason only around 48 hours in our beautiful little town. Although we don't really think you get to meet the town, the locals and feel the atmosphere in that short time, but we'll try to do our best. So, the list is going to be about all the attractions, spots, sights, experiences, we as locals would highly suggest indulging in while here. As always that is not just going to be a list, we will include the timings of visiting each and every attraction, plus the timing needed to explore, experience. Let’s hop into your 48 short hours in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

5. Old Town
Well of course, we wouldn’t want you to miss probably the main reason of your arrival. Although, for this one we have 2 options, one is for Game of Thrones fans and the second is for all others. Just to be sure as we don’t know in advance the day of your arrival, try getting into the town at 08:00 am. Cruise ships guests arrive to the Old Town around 10, by that time you’ve had breakfast with the view, walked the Stradun street and hopped on a boat to the island Lokrum.
P.S. You need to keep reading to figure out both options we mentioned before.

5 musts for 48 hours in Dubrovnik

4. Island Lokrum
Not a hard guess this one’s next right? Well, the reason we’re suggesting going on an island when you have only 48 hours is because the boat ride starts from the old city harbor and it takes only 15 minutes. When you’ve reached the island walk the botanical garden (the ticket is included in the price of the boat ride). You’ll get to see plenty of bunnies and peacocks, and all sorts of different plants blossoming on the island for years. Now, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, climb up to the fortress on the island and take a picture in official HBO Iron Throne! If you’re not a fan, while they are climbing, you’re swimming in the ‘Dead Sea’ lake in the middle of the island. Swimming in the Adriatic is advisable for both, plus you have the view of the Old Town. In the afternoon, take the boat ride back to the old harbor around 17.
Tip: Around 17-18 the cruise ship guests must go back to the boat.

5 musts for 48 hours in Dubrovnik3. City walls
Don’t worry we won’t miss them. Upon your return, get to the city walls. If you’re tired, don’t worry there are several exits along the way, the main thing is that you get to enjoy the views of the red rooftops this city is known for. Walk at least from one fort to the other (that’s the shortest walk ever!) and then walk down, and visit the Rector’s Palace. You’ll easily find it, once you step inside, you’ve stepped into the Dubrovnik Republic. Afterwards, go grab something to eat if you haven’t had anything on the island Lokrum and they do have couple of restaurants with the best Mediterranean food. Then for Game of Thrones fans, make sure to visit the stairs of shame, and for the ones that are not, go visit Lovrijenac fortress just outside of the city walls. Get to the Pile gate and you’ll already see it; the walk up is a bit hard but it’s just amazing. Now, go change to the accommodation and go for a walk down Banje beach (next to the Old Town), then Stradun street and feel the vibe of the city.

DAY 2.
Here we are, morning! So, for this one we have 2 options; Pelješac peninsula – for seafood lovers, wine hedonists, the ones that wish to visit the oldest still working salt production sight and Ston walls. The second option is going in a different direction – Konavle valley – for homemade cooked Croatian dish ‘peka’ – meaning meat under the bell, wine lovers and for the ones that wish to get to know the folklore of the area. Here are both options;

1. Last but not least – Srđ mountain
Both of the day trips will end around 18 pm, so you’ll still have time to get to the place where you’ll take a postcard memory photo of the town. Going to the Srđ mountain it would be easier to take a private transfer with us, as who knows how long you’ll wish to be up there, maybe even have the most romantic dinner ever! And the cable car does stop working at some point of the night. So, grab your partner in crime, hop in our vehicle and enjoy the night at the panoramic Srđ mountain.

Hope we’ve been helpful. Let us know your thoughts, is there anything you wish we’ve mentioned but didn’t or if there’s anything that is a bit too much for you. We’ll listen and consider, who knows maybe we start planning together your next vacay!

With love,
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