Story of Dubrovnik in war times

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Did you know that the story about the homeland war and its effects on Dubrovnik is one of the most common questions locals in Dubrovnik get? Not the lightest of topics, but certainly one that's an important part of our history and understanding the way locals live today.
Even if you’re not interested in these topics, this guided walking tour will be striking, aren’t you curious?

The Homeland War was fought between 1991. and 1995. and Dubrovnik was most affected during the first 2 years. Dubrovnik was under siege, and suffered a lot of material damage, as well as terrific human loss.
Almost completely surrounded, this was the first time in recent history that the magnificent City walls served their true purpose, stopped being a symbol of freedom, and became the protectors of our beautiful city.

Story of Dubrovnik in war times

The walls remained, but they were not able to protect everything. Numerous monuments were damaged or destroyed, many houses were burnt and thousands of people lost the roof over their heads. The brave defenders of Dubrovnik managed to prevail in the end and we rebuilt our city completely with a lot of help.
Today we are able to tell you this story with looking forward instead of backwards. You’ll get to walk around the town in a half day tour and listen to your guide telling you all the different stories about the town.

Stories will not be only about the war, that’s why this experience is unusual. You’ll get to learn about the general history of the Old Town Dubrovnik with the war saga focus.

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