Split from Dubrovnik

Roman emperor's town Roman emperor's town

Roman emperor's town SplitPeople will tell you that it's difficult to visit Split from Dubrovnik in one day, and it is – without us. The bus and the ferry do indeed take way too long which is why a car, or a private transfer is definitely the best idea for this.
We'll start early enough to make a little coffee break along the way. Once we get to Split in about 3 hours, we'll head straight for the Old town because - explore the most you can!

Roman emperor's town Split

The Diocletian's Palace is an ancient palace that was built in Split for the Roman emperor Diocletian, all the way back in the 4th century AD. Today it makes half of the Old town of Split and it is most impressive. We'll have a local guide waiting to show you all the best spots and tell you all about Split and its secrets.

This day also caters for your own needs so once done with the local guide you'll have free time to wander around, shop & immerse yourself in the tastings of delicious Mediterranean food.

Split is a magical city that holds a big part of history still preserved. The whole drive will be worth the visit. All the little stone streets holding pieces of history at every corner, getting to know the locals while drinking coffee at the famous promenade by the sea, tasting delicates.. are only a small part of the reason for opting to visit this town.

 ~ Dare to explore ~

Roman emperor's town Split


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