Portable scooter through Dubrovnik

Who gets tho the top faster? Who gets tho the top faster?


That is the only sound left behind you once taking this tour! This eco-friendly little portable fun on two wheels scooter is all you need to explore really everything. It goes along the ways pedestrians AND cars can go, but also once you carry it (yes, truly portable) you can go everywhere! 
We will not make you carry it upon climbing the mountains in these tours, but we will show you all of the coastline of newer part of Dubrovnik. Your date with the scooter starts in Gruz port, where our funny and friendly instructors will first show you what this little thing is and can do. After you too get a hold of it on a parking lot – in around 5 minutes top, you will be set to go!

Along the coastline of Dubrovnik

Drive starts all along the port, looking over each and every little boat, ship, cruiser on one side, and all the different aristocracy mansions left from Dubrovnik Republic on the other. Reaching the 'only pedestrians' zone that goes around Lapad peninsula you will get to the highest point of this tour. There will be plenty of time to stop and take pictures along the way as our instructors are very flexible and want to show you the most out of this day. 

The most popular bay in Dubrovnik, Lapad bay with all the little rocky beaches, promenades, bars, restaurants and a lot more is your next fly through zone. E-scooter is powerful electric vehicle that can take you over long distances, no matter the ground beneath you nor your driving skills. There will be surprise once opting for this experience, but if you dare to find it out while exploring the city in a totally different, kind of childish new way you may even get a new nickname from Dubrovnik – Flying Pedestrian as our instructors like to call themselves!

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