Shine bright like a diamond

On a bad day there’s always lipstick On a bad day there’s always lipstick

Hello beautiful!

This is a section for all the women out there and all the once that feel like one. We all know how it gets to be while on travelling; you do not want to bring too much make up with you as that will take a lot of space in the suits, then you start picking the things that are really very very necessary to bring with, and after all that trouble we just give up and bring everything. Shine bright like a diamondThe part that is missing from that sentence is the one when you get to the destination and find out you have forgotten the most important thing – it doesn’t matter what that thing is, but it always happen right?
Well beauties, we got you covered!
Life isn’t perfect but you hair can be!
Long, short, curly or straight hair, our hairdresser knows all the types and how to handle each and every stubborn hair. Not to worry it does not need to be any occasion, maybe you just wish to treat yourself for a day, it is your vacation in the end.

Weather you have a photo session, or you took a selfie tour, have a Hens party or maybe your own wedding day, or you are a bridesmaid and want to surprise your bride, we have it all. One of the best make-up artist to provide you with a natural ‘I didn’t even tried that hard’ look or with a complete new face, she knows it all. You didn’t really think that is it?

We are not done yet, you think you are too pale for the burning sun in Dubrovnik summer time? Shine bright like a diamond

Ask us for a sun tanning appointment, we will be happy to provide you with carefree walk to the beach. No red spots, no burned skin, just amazing sun tanned colour. Oh, yes, it is all up to you how much ‘darker’ you wish to be of course.

Tick tack.. okay, this is the last thing on our list FOR NOW in the beauty part. One thing you can get into shape without exercise – nails of course! Now, it all depends on your wishes and desires, just a little French manicure or permanent Polish. Our artists are the best, with all the advice they will be happy to provide, and their knowledge we are pleased to say you will be in great hands – literally.

Not much left to say but - may your day be flawless as your makeup!

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