A day in Mostar

Destination : Mostar Destination : Mostar CEC

Different country in a day? In as old you and out as the explorer you have become, that is the plan for today.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the most surprising countries that survived years and years of bad things happening and still managed to preserve the architecture and culture. This is the country you will be meeting today and the places you will be meeting are: Kravice waterfalls and Mostar town.

Old bridge Mostar


All together around two and a half hour drive will get you to Kravice waterfalls. Around 25 meters in high and separated in 20 different falls. There is only one wooden cafe for refreshment which fits into the nature surrounding the waterfall. There is a natural grotto nearby and an old mill with a sailing ship that are quite an attraction.

Don’t get to comfy as you are moving on to the next destination – Town of Mostar. This cultural and touristic center of Bosnia and Herzegovina is mostly famous for the old bridge. The whole town was built around it, and beneath the bridge flows the river Neretva. The whole story about the bridge will be told by your guide, the short version is this: there was a civil war not that long ago, from 1992 up until 1995. The city itself suffered terrible devastation, but the most of the devastation took – you guessed it – the bridge.

Old bridge Mostar


Now, let’s get to the lunch part.. in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will be able to try delicious traditional home-made dishes, delicacies and have a taste of true handmade meat dishes, the Bosnia and Herzegovina is famous for. Finally this UNESCO protected cultural heritage is truly a place to be on your list; to visit!

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