Nightlife Montenegro

Nightlife of Montenegro Nightlife of Montenegro

Wanna taste of that famous Balkan nightlife?

We are here to take you into a night that you will not easily forget (unless you had one too many drinks)! 
Destination: Budva
Driver: not you!
Location: beach club / clubs by the sea
Time: late afternoon / night
Pax: how many of you is there? ;)
What to do: PARTY!

Nightlife Montenegro

We mostly offer this tour on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays as this is when the nightlife is best and most crowded, however in summer and high season it doesn't really matter which day it is. After our transportation to Montenegro which you will need a passport for, we will first head for some beach party not very far from Budva. The drive from Dubrovnik will start in the afternoon so you can enjoy the beach-pool party until the end. 

Now.. what will happen after your driver leaves you in the hot spot of Budva nightlife.. only you can tell (or better not!). You will be dropped off in the center of the town, where we suggest having some light, fast dinner prior to continuing with drinking. Also.. CHEERS! So eat something, then walk the promenade and pick which open beach club you wish to walk in, there are several in a row. Try not to get too much to drink, not to get lost. The driver will wait for you at the prearranged spot and time. 

Explore all the Budva nightlife has to offer and wake up in Dubrovnik!

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