Night walk through the Old Town

Night walk around the town Night walk around the town

You can choose courage.
Or you can choose comfort.

But you cannot choose both.

Night walk through the Old Town

Just kidding! You don't need to be particularly courageous to choose this experience, but it is in the evening, so you are choosing this unique walking tour over any other plan for the evening. By taking out the heat of the day and the crowds in the Old Town you get to enjoy locals perspective of the Old Town's nights. Guide will take you through the most important areas, some of the highlights will include the Cathedral, Rector's Palace, Jesuit steps, St Blaise church and the Franciscan monastery.
Learn all about the glorious Dubrovnik and how it functioned and maintained itself for such a long time as a unit.

And then why not combine some history with fun?
If there is a part of you who wants to know how the locals live in the city today, or just want cultural exchange, go for a drink after the tour to one of the local pubs and fully enjoy the evening.

Night walk through the Old Town

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