Mljet the greenest island

Mljet island Mljet island

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Mljet – Odyssey’s island

This island is amazing for its marine life, two salted lakes, monastery, famous red and white wine, goat cheese, island in a lake, national park and it's rightfully called the greenest islands of the Adriatic. With all said, we have just scratched the top of the things to do and see while on the island. 

Mljet swimming timeIt is one of the largest islands on Adriatic coast and Mediterranean forest covers the whole island. Two lakes mentioned before are Veliko (Eng. Big) and Malo (Eng. Small) lakes are best places for a swim! St. Mary's island is the one mentioned in the middle of the Veliko jezero with the one of the oldest Adriatic churches and Benedictine monastery. It is located in the National Park part of the island which is a must to visit. Island Mljet offers numerous pebble beaches and spots to explore the depth. So, grab your snorkeling gear from the boat and dive in!

Stop reading now because we will not reveal any more information nor stories that surround the island. The next thing you need to do is click that 'ask a question' button so that we can let you know when you'll be going to visit island Mljet!

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