Kotor & Perast in a day

Destination : Kotor & Perast Destination : Kotor & Perast CEC

Montenegro, the black mountain country.

The name itself the country got because of the dark mountain forest that covers the land. As you are going to a different country, please do not forget to bring your passport or else we will need to change the game plan for the day.

Kotor & Perast in a dayOnce crossed the border you will get a chance to stop several times along the way to take some amazing pictures and rest a bit. The next big stop is UNESCO world heritage site location, town of Kotor. 

Kotor holds one of the two Roman Catholic cathedrals in Montenegro, St Tryphon’s Cathedral. This small picturesque town on the coast has it all, the beaches, the food, the monuments, the amazing spots to see. Kotor is situated perfectly for becoming the sailors and traders city in the bay of the same name. On one side there is a crystal clear blue sea, on the other medieval walls and architecture and if you look up you will see the Mountain Lovcen and the greenery that surrounds it. This is one of the rearrests sites to be seen from the same spot just turning around, and that is one of the main reasons we highly recommend visiting Kotor.

Lunch time!! Montenegro has its local gems of course. You'll get to have a sit in one of Kotor's local gems, on the water, overlooking the whole Old Town od Kotor while having a delicious lunch.

Kotor & Perast in a day

Now, you're ready for Perast the town located in the Kotor bay – 15 minutes by car away from Kotor town.

Kotor & Perast in a day

One main street that Perast holds has it all; lot of little churches and a lot more palaces. However the two most famous attractions are not in Perast not on the land. Hop in a small boat and take a quick ride to the island Our Lady of the Rocks. Yes, we reached the point that everybody wants to see and take a picture of. The whole story you will get from your guide, we'll not reveal everything.. Let there be a bit of mystery.

It is one of the most beautiful places for you to visit, especially if you are in Perast already. The second spot to see is the natural island of Saint George with the same named monastery. It is famous for the graveyard of the old noble families that once ruled the Kotor bay. Okay, now is the time for you to opt for this day trip as we will not give you ALL the inside stories and tips, come away with us and find out by yourself.

Kotor & Perast in a day

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