Korčula island by boat

Korcula island Korcula island

Following Marco Polo steps to Korčula

Have you heard of Marco Polo? Korčula Island is allegedly birthplace of this famous adventurer. As matter of fact, there is a Marco Polo birth house on the island. Although the birth place is not verified we know for sure that he did actually spend quite some time on the island, if not by birth than by being a prisoner in Venetian and Genovese naval battle. On the island we'll arrange a guide who will be happy to explain all the little details about the island, town and Marco Polo in a one-hour walk.

Korčula Island offers a lot; from adventures such as buggies you can take and then follow the route across the island to mesmerizing beaches and caves to the best world awarded wine! Locals from the island have been making some amazing wine through the years and perfected in white wine - Pošip sort.


Do not miss to try it, also you will get tipsy very fast – it is strong, and what better way to explore the surroundings? Just kidding, although it depends solely on you.

Korčula island by boat

The town of Korčula is amazing, little Dubrovnik as some like to call it.

Following Marco Polo steps to Korčula

Its massive walls and tower will not disappoint + all the stories the town holds are just enough teasers for taking this boat trip. 

Do you want to take our word on this or experience it by yourself and figure out why it's one of the most popular Croatian islands to visit? 
Just wait till you see two medieval city gates, one from the seaside and one from the land, both will leave you speechless. Walking into the fishbone perfectly aligned streets and listening to the guide who'll explain what the fishbone structure is all about is reason enough for taking the sail!

Tip: the best places for photos!
Hop on board and enjoy Korčula island and town for a day, it will be worth it as this is the fastest and best way to visit the island from Dubrovnik for 1 day.

By the end of it you will get to visit an island + explore and learn about the history + have a memorable boat day + swimm and snorkel in the Adriatic!

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