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Hi peeps! Today we wanted to talk to you about some other things about Croatia businesses on social networks and the way they work. We'll specifically talk about a lot of scams you can find out there, but also a lot of great content where you can just take away a lot of information that will be useful.

You've seen us promote already our social media, especially if you follow us on any of the listed; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok.

Creative Events Croatia digital marketing platforms

Now, what we do on each platform but in a different way is provide you with interesting, fun and great information for visiting our beautiful country. FOR FREE! From time to time we'll remind you that a lot more information can be given upon reaching our website or us directly depending on the platform. The point being that not every marketing division of any company needs to be a seller. We know we're already fed up with all the sponsored content that pops up from time to time, where you already know in advance you'll get a piece of information and then need to click on something or pay something or subscribe or provide your e-mail to get the rest of the information. What we do differently from the beginning is to provide full information to all of you, as well as with our blogs if you've read any of them. Now, why we do it that way?

We're travelers ourselves and love to explore the sights and attractions to decide on which one to visit prior to our arrival at the destination. So, what we do is scroll through a lot of bloggers (however they tend to be advertising a lot of things too) and travel forums to pick up every information we find useful. Our goal is to be that forum and that blog for you on different social networks as all of you don't love the same thing. Which is quite normal, just to be clear.

Creative Events Croatia digital marketing platforms


In return we don't ask for anything from you, what we do is link our products, link the experiences and link our website in certain posts for you to get more information. In some cases, for you to get the most out of your Croatian holiday. As we mentioned already, we're firstly travelers, that's the main reason of opening our own company. We wanted to show you the best of what Croatia can offer you. The best experiences and local insight on some spots and attractions. We often list several attractions and the months that are best to visit them so you don't wait in huge lines or pay the ticket too high.

We also provide you with the information on what is worth your money and what (on our opinion) is really not. That's why, once we were deciding on which experiences to provide, we made a list on what we would do and go to if we're coming to Croatia. We're different as well as our products, you'll not see a 'regular guiding tour or 'Game of Thrones filming location tour' or 'kayaking Dubrovnik'.. you'll see kayaking combined with Game of Thrones experience, you'll see walking the night tour of the Old Town and the history of Dubrovnik explained in a unique storytelling way, or jump off the cliffs inside the natural cave when on kayaking day trip.

None of our tours are what you'd call a regular one, and from all of them (that's why there are not a lot) we're sure you'll be very extremely satisfied with the price, the feeling and the memories you'll gain.

With love,
Creative Events Croatia

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