• September summer in Dubrovnik

    September is already here and we're almost half way there to October. Summer is still in full swing in Dubrovnik with temperatures going up to 29 degrees and the Adriatic temperature in Dubrovnik and surrounding islands are up to 25 degrees.For some of you this may not be as warm as you wish it to be for you to go swimming in, but believe us when the sun heats up the sea it really a…

    Monday September 07

    by Iris
  • 5 reasons why Croatia is safest to travel to

    We hope everybody is having a good day and are taking care of each other! Today's blog is as straightforward as it can be. We'll talk about why Croatia is one of the first European countries that stepped out of Corona virus cycles. From the beginning of this global pandemic our government made some good and some bad decisions as all do. What we did good is put in quarantine measures prior to corona virus…

    Monday June 08

    by Iris
  • Coronavirus travel to Croatia

    As so many of us remain restricted at home due to the corona virus pandemic, we decided to talk to you a bit about what our thoughts are regarding the summer season. In this time, we are reflecting at the value of cultural heritage Croatia has and nature wanders within. With so many photos being shared on Creative Events Croatia social media of monuments, nature, Adriatic Sea, life in quarantine in Dubrovnik, empty streets, we…

    Saturday May 02

    by Iris
  • 5 Dubrovnik Republic advantages

    Good day everyone! Hope you’re having a good Tuesday at home. Today we thought talking a little bit about Dubrovnik Republic and the things they did to keep all sorts of pandemic from their country. The people who lived then were in some sense very smart for economic and merchandise traffic. But, let’s start from the beginning and explain a bit about history of Dubrovnik Republic prior to diving into the quarantine called Lazareti. We’ll…

    Tuesday March 31

    by Iris
  • COVID-19 Croatia Travel Update

    Coronavirus (COVID-19 virus) spread globally has made countries impose quarantines, cancel major events and closing schools, faculties, companies... The big question is whether you should travel or travel safely? This outbreak is having an immediate effect on travel and tourism, prompting a surge of cancellations. The two options you have are pressing on with summer vacation plans are; to simply wait or cancel all the plans. We are doing all we can to keep all…

    Monday March 16

    by Iris
  • 5 musts for 48 hours in Dubrovnik

    This blog post we've decided to share with all of you who have for any reason only around 48 hours in our beautiful little town. Although we don't really think you get to meet the town, the locals and feel the atmosphere in that short time, but we'll try to do our best. So, the list is going to be about all the attractions, spots, sights, experiences, we as locals would highly suggest indulging in…

    Friday March 13

    by Iris
  • Creative Events Croatia digital marketing platforms

    Hi peeps! Today we wanted to talk to you about some other things about Croatia businesses on social networks and the way they work. We'll specifically talk about a lot of scams you can find out there, but also a lot of great content where you can just take away a lot of information that will be useful. You've seen us promote already our social media, especially if you follow us on any of the…

    Monday March 02

    by Iris
  • 5 easy reachable national parks in Croatia

    Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we’ll talk a bit about national parks in Croatia, as we know we do have natural wonders in so many different places. We also know that Croatia is a small country but a little hard to navigate through our roads, traffic, highways, ferries, schedules, etc.. That’s why we decided on these hard times for the world (in regards to the virus spreading across the world) to share with you our natural…

    Tuesday February 25

    by Iris
  • Let's talk about Split city

    Split city in Croatia is actually the second largest town in the country with a little bit over 200,000 inhabitants. Definitely the largest one on the whole Adriatic coast, located in the Central Dalmatia. We’ve called it the Roman’s Emperor town because it is the truth. Diocletian was the first one to make this part of Dalmatia his retreat, wanting to make his retirement here in the Mediterranean coast and weather. But, not to get…

    Tuesday February 11

    by Iris
  • 5 Green nature day trips

    It’s Tuesday already! The time flies fast when you’re having fun. Although it’s a cliché sentence, it is so true, you’ve experienced it many times now I am sure of. And why are we so surprised? Because we went on a nature day exploring during the long weekend we took. We wanted to show you what you can do in Dubrovnik surroundings without actually being in the Old Town or at/by the sea. One of…

    Tuesday February 04

    by Iris
  • Dubrovnik when to visit?

    Today we're answering the most common question about the Dubrovnik. BUT we’re answering it in our way, as usual. From local’s perspective and travelers one too. We’re traveling a lot so we do know how hard it is to find the perfect time to visit some place. Mostly because we wish to travel when there is not so many people in that place (not a big fans of crowds), when the weather is still nice…

    Wednesday January 29

    by Iris
  • 5 spots for a postcard photo in Dubrovnik

    Postcard photo from a vacation in Dubrovnik, Croatia is something most of people visiting want to have. It's not that hard as on each and every corner of the Old Town there is a perfect spot for a photo. Because of its architecture, red rooftops, grey stone walls, 50 shades of blue Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a true Instagram-worthy place. Once you take a walk inside the Old Town and get to the main street…

    Friday January 17

    by Iris
  • How to follow up on New Year's resolutions

    Happy New 2020 everyone! Ok, now we’ve got that out of the way let’s deal with the main issue of the first day of the New Year. New Year’s resolutions! Lot of people actually do not even make one as they are certain they will not follow up, but (there is always a but!) it can be done and we’ll explain how. First of all your New Year’s resolution needs to be yours! What do…

    Tuesday January 07

    by Iris
  • 5 holiday appreciations

    Season’s greetings & joyful holidays are here peeps!This blog post will be dedicated to all of you, our greatest treasure. You made us better, even more hardworking and so much happier, so please keep on reading and find your self in these 5 grateful ‘thank you cards’; 5. Thank you for the supportYour support throughout the season was incredible; every like, every follow, every comment, every share, every link, every message, every e-mail, every testimonial..…

    Monday December 23

    by Iris
  • How and when to visit Plitvice lakes?

    Roughly halfway in between Zagreb and Zadar city Croatia’s most popular tourist attraction is located. Plitvice lakes was granted UNESCO World Heritage status back in the 1979. This unique destination proud itself with sixteen lakes connected by a series of waterfalls, easy walking trails, stunning viewpoints over the turquoise water and lively wildlife. Deep woodland is populated by deer’s, bears, wolves and very rare bird species that allures bird watchers from all over the world. …

    Sunday December 15

    by Iris
  • 5 winter destinations in Croatia

    Holiday season is upon us! We're all already in the holiday spirit, if you're not yet, while you reach the end of this blog post – you'll be affected. On today’s top 5, we’ll talk about specific cities, spots in Croatia for your next holiday adventure. Everyone loves being home on Christmas, however there are wanderlusts like us, that love putting their home on some wheels. Whether those are airplane wheels, car wheels, train wheels,…

    Friday December 06

    by Iris
  • Instagram Travel

    Travel trends 2020 year will be a lot different than in these years before in Croatia tourism. Croatia is a small country with a lot to offer and with so much different and unique content. Now when we’re already talking about the content let’s talk a little bit about one of the social networks where content is EVERYTHING. Instagram! Well guys if there are any of you who do not use this social network or have…

    Friday November 29

    by Iris
  • 5 don’ts when coming to Croatia

    Croatia is a fascinating country in a complex corner of Europe; however, Croatia is emerging as one of Europe's top travel destinations. Europe being an interesting continent with so many different cultures and unique history, Croatia’s culture has been heavily modified with other cultures around it. The country itself is surrounded by perfect climate and has architecture that will seem like from a dream. Not to brag too much, we are Croats and as always…

    Saturday November 16

    by Iris
  • How about advent in Croatia?

    Relax, we know it’s ONLY November, but the time flies fast and December (Christmas time) is just around the corner. In this blog post we decided to explain why Zagreb, capital city of Croatia, has been voted the best Christmas market in Europe by European Best Destinations online poll three times IN A ROW! Yes, in a row! If you’re a fan of the advent season and mulled wine, gingerbread, lanterns, fairy tales, all sorts…

    Thursday November 07

    by Iris
  • 5 best day trips from Dubrovnik in November

    On Sunday's we're blogging with you peeps! And for this enumeration of 5 best, we’ve covered must visit day trips from Dubrovnik, however the best once to take in November. Escape from the rainy cloudy days and explore surroundings. We love to travel and while we travel, we adore getting to know the locals and their traditions, so with this listing we thought of bringing locals closer to you. If you’re some like us, keep…

    Sunday November 03

    by Iris
  • Eternally lively city of Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik is a city known for its summer season; however, it is wrong to think that it's vibrant only during the high summer season. We at CEC highly recommend visiting in the pre-season and post-season months. Your experience will be much more enchanting and private and, in the end, monumental. The whole atmosphere of the town is serene and reflective. Dubrovnik’s heart– the Old Town has celebrated it’s four decades long UNESCO World Heritage preservation…

    Sunday October 27

    by Iris
  • 5 facts Croatia is known for

    Hi peeps! We know you’ve been waiting for our next topic and here it is, 5 most famous (among Croatians) and little known in the world – facts on Croatian popularity. We’ll not make this intro a long one, so let’s get started as we know you’re all keen to know; 5. 1246 islands, isles and isletsYap, Croatia is the best sailing destination, from the smallest once, sunniest once, to the biggest once with National…

    Sunday October 20

    by Iris
  • How to plan a trip to Croatia?

    Autumn days are so refreshing after the summer heats and surely the best time to start planning your next trip. Admit it, you’re just like us – travel addicts! So, we thought why not explain to all of you how to plan a trip to Croatia. Visit in the off season. May, June, September and October are the best months for visiting Croatia, sun is warm, depending on the year usually sea is warm enough…

    Wednesday October 09

    by Iris
  • 5 Croatian money related answers

    We've had so many questions regarding the currency, tipping, expensiveness and cost of trip to Croatia in general. Here we'll give you 5 most common questions about the topic and our answers. Keep in mind we are born and raised in Croatia, but have travelled the world so the comparisons are real and based upon our experience. Let's get started then; 5. Currency exchange to KunaWe'll not talk a lot about this topic as we…

    Tuesday October 01

    by Iris
  • How many days is enough for vacation in Croatia?

    This common question is one that is hardest to answer, it depends on many factors. Minimum of 10 days is what we suggest. Now, let us explain why and what are you able to do and see in 10 days and what will you be missing out on. The question itself is one you always ask when thinking about vacation in another country. It all depends on how many days you have to spend in…

    Wednesday September 25

    by Iris
  • 5 reasons for September visit!

    It’s Monday, and almost the end of working hours for some! Now, what we wanted to do with this blog is to meet you with September in Croatia, Dubrovnik to be exact. Croatia has many different climates depending on where in the country you are located. September can be very tricky month, as in the south Adriatic coast towns the weather will be very warm and hot and summerish still and in the north will…

    Monday September 16

    by Iris
  • RAIN while on your vacation

    Hope you're having a great Monday morning folks! September in Dubrovnik is such a twisty month, mostly sunny and summerish, however there can be days when rain and cold wind gives you a feeling of fall. No need to panic nor think that the summer days are over, as the days are very unpredictable. Even if it's raining in the morning, in the afternoon the sun will come out again and the heat will be…

    Monday September 09

    by Iris
  • 5 reasons why your next vacation is in Dubrovnik

    Good morning everyone!On this beautiful hot summer morning we decided to share with you why Dubrovnik, Croatia is your next best vacation destination! Without further ado let’s start; 5. Mountain and seaWe have it all! On one side you can spend your morning jogging to the Peak of Srđ Mountain and enjoy the most mesmerizing views, on the other side you can spend your afternoon in crystal clear Adriatic Sea. For the finish of the day,…

    Tuesday September 03

    by Iris
  • Escaping the heats

    Happy Saturday all you happy peeps that are on vacations now! Especially the once that are in Croatia and having a blast! In this blog post we'll help you with dealing with the heats August brings... We'll give you two best solutions to escape the crowds and hot sun, then it's up to you to let us know which one suits you the best then we'll talk in details about each one! Escape to the…

    Saturday August 24

    by Iris
  • 5 games you do not want to miss!

    Happy Monday everyone! We know it's the least favourite day of the week, but once you are on vacation it's a bit different isn't it? In this blog post we will let you know some more ways to become a local while in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This time, you need to participate! Ok, now all you lazy folks out there who just wanted to close this blog out as soon as read 'participate', KEEP READING! No,…

    Monday July 22

    by Iris
  • Be a local

    Hi guys! In this blog post we decided to let you in on a little secret...  ..... Drum roll sound ........We'll give you all the dates, locations and types of events lots of locals attend during the July/August. Dubrovnik as a city has several districts, and almost all have 'their nights' where all the locals that live in the area + all the once that don't, we all gather together at the same place, drink…

    Monday July 15

    by Iris
  • 5 Dubrovnik spots for couple outings

    Romantic souls welcome, this one's for you! Grab your special someone and read about the most romantic spots in Dubrovnik to put down on your summer bucket list. ''If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance'' – Bern WilliamsWe all could agree that summer is the most romantic season of the year. Those long summer nights under the stars, walking on the beaches and listening to the sea waves, salty kisses…

    Monday July 08

    by Iris
  • 70th Dubrovnik summer festival

    Have a happy Tuesday everyone and thank you for clicking on yet another one of our blog posts!Today we prepared one interesting subject for all of you who will be in Dubrovnik from 10th of July up until 25th of August, and all of you who are sorry not to be here during this period. Why you might ask?Well.. as the title says, between those dates Dubrovnik summer festival is being held on the most…

    Tuesday July 02

    by Iris
  • 5 local interesting curiosities

    Friday is here again! We believe there is no need for any introduction after reading the heading so let's dive right into it; 1. Measuring unit – Dubrovnik elbow - In metrology, an ancient measuring unit of length is the length of the human arm from the elbow to the tip of the fingers. Its value was changeable at different times, in different places and for different goods. In the old age in Middle Eastern…

    Friday June 21

    by Iris
  • Open sea day!

    Summer heats are already up to 35 degrees. Yes, you have read it correctly. That's why after long consideration on what is the best way to get away from crows of cruise ships, get suntanned but still be able to visit more than 1 beach in a day, and not get tired by walking – we agreed on BOAT DAY! Now, there is so many possibilities, we will let you know all of them so pick…

    Tuesday June 18

    by Iris
  • 5 Dubrovnik adventure experiences on a budget

    SUMMER IS HERE! ADVENTURE IS CALLING! Hi peeps, we wanted to do a little change from Friday blogging to Monday blogging. After getting lots of great feedback, we thought why not switch it up a little. Monday is usually not the most favourable day of the week so here we are to make it fun and great again! And no, do not get used to it, this is a decision for now.. we love creative…

    Monday June 10

    by Iris
  • Time to discover nature's aphrodisiac

    FRIYAY! Now be a love and pass the wine that goes with these oysters!We wanted to share with you our guilty pleasure – oysters. What better place to taste it directly from the sea but Pelješac peninsula. Yes!Now all you oyster lovers prepare for the best day trip from Dubrovnik explained in detail, hopefully you have eaten your lunch and are not hungry. And the rest of you.. sorry this one is not for you,…

    Friday May 31

    by Iris
  • 5 packing tips when traveling to Croatia

    Happy Friday morning everyone! May your cup overflow with peace, love and pure awesomeness today! We are back again with this weeks 5 tips about packing right for your dream vacation in Croatia. Ready to begin? We are;Like always we are beginning with number 5: Once traveling to Croatia from any country, please check if the adapters are the same as in your country. Bring converters, it won't take up much place in your suitcase…

    Friday May 24

    by Iris
  • Answers about Croatia and Dubrovnik

    Welcome again to yet another blog post that is going to ease your life if travelling to Croatia in general and Dubrovnik to be specific. Today we are going to answer questions you wanted to ask and you need to know prior to arriving to our beautiful little country.   Usually first question is about the currency. Yes, we do have different currency then most of European Union members, we still use our KUNA. It …

    Friday May 17

    by Iris
  • 5 Dubrovnik secluded hidden beaches

    Hi guys! This spring, oh sorry summer, no no – winter post! Do not think we are crazy and do not know what time of year it is and what season it SHOULD be. But if you are currently in Dubrovnik, you will be able to experience from 2 up to all 4 season changing in only ONE day! The weather in the past week was crazy, you wake up with rain and very unusual…

    Friday May 10

    by Iris
  • Panoramic photo experience anyone?

    Want to see all the best places while in Dubrovnik but do not want to spend whole day doing that?WELL HELLO! We will reveal the best and easiest options to do a panoramic ride in Dubrovnik and to get all the best pictures, while meeting the town. For now the famous cable car of Dubrovnik that goes from spot just above the Old Town up to the peak of mountain Srđ is not operating. No…

    Friday May 03

    by Iris
  • 5 Dubrovnik historical travel tips

    Good day to you all!In this post we will continue our list (as promised) of local travel tips we suggest to know before getting to Dubrovnik. We will talk about historical monuments and why Dubrovnik is called the ''Pearl of Adriatic'', why is this part of Croatia so interesting, etc.. Not to worry, like any of our blogs, this will not be boring and dull but we will revile something you might did not know.…

    Thursday April 18

    by Iris
  • Opening Event

    Opening event!Woohoo! Oh, hi everyone! We are so excited and happy to show you how our opening ‘’event’’ – party went. Also how we can make an event for you too.. from the picking the best location, to the guest list, invitations, accreditations, to the smallest details! We took care of everything and all that in less than one month planning :D Ready? We started with picking the theme.. Eventually decided to host this event…

    Friday April 05

    by Iris
  • 5 Dubrovnik Local Travel Tips

    Hi peeps! Once you start making plans for your vacation, you know how you wish to use all the time you have for everything you want to see, do and experience? If you stop and think about it, a lot of us just wishes they have some local ‘guidance’ regarding the destination. Well.. HERE WE ARE!With 5 tips every two weeks on our blog site we will give you the best local guide tips on…

    Saturday March 23

    by Iris

    Hello everyone and welcome to Creative Events Croatia first blog post! HOORAY!Let's leave 2018 behind us and step into 2019 with a new destination on mind for your vacation. They say it's about a journey and not about a destination, well.. we would not completely agree, the destination can be special with so many things to do and to experience too. Forget those clichéd resolutions like ‘going to the gym more’, ‘eating less’, ‘becoming a…

    Saturday March 09

    by Iris

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