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5 easy reachable national parks in Croatia

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Brijuni National Park Brijuni National Park

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we’ll talk a bit about national parks in Croatia, as we know we do have natural wonders in so many different places. We also know that Croatia is a small country but a little hard to navigate through our roads, traffic, highways, ferries, schedules, etc.. That’s why we decided on these hard times for the world (in regards to the virus spreading across the world) to share with you our natural hot spots. Nature is what brings the peacefulness and what makes your mind tick. Enjoying everything from terraced waterfalls to islands with national parks, picture-perfect Mediterranean vegetation and marine life.. all of that in 5 easy reachable and in or opinion ‘must see’ national nature wonders of parks in Croatia, so let’s start;

5. Plitvice Lakes
We hope we’ve already explained that our rating doesn’t go from favorite to less favorite and the reason we’ve put Plitvice Lakes on this spot is just because it’s the most famous one BUT again one of the must see! There is 16 connecting lakes, with waterfalls floating from one to the other and wooden walking trails all surrounded with some of the amazing green landscape scenery you’ll ever see!

5 easy reachable national parks in Croatia

4. Brijuni Islands
This is one national park that is not so famously popular like the Plitvice Lakes BUT! as highly recommended to visit if you’re in the Istra area of Croatia. Roman villa ruins and ancient spots with beauty in the island vibe as Brijuni are consisted out of 14 islands and islets. Once you reach to the main island you get to hop on a little train that will take you along the Roman Emperor trail on the island to explore all of the ruins, churches, archeological sites, Byzantine castrum, basilica, etc. There is just so much things to see, also as this is on the big Brijuni island, we recommend visiting with your special someone as it is such a romantic site.

5 easy reachable national parks in Croatia

3. Mljet island
Yet another island, but we need to put this one in as this one is just such an amazingly magical place. First of all, it’s in Dalmatia near Dubrovnik and we would love to take you there – click here! Second of all there is a national park on the island that consists of 2 salt lakes IN THE ISLAND! Plus.. we’re not done yet, plus there is yet another little island called St. Mary withing the Big Lake (two lakes; Big and Small lake). On the little island there is a Benedictine complex with fortress, courtyard’s and a little church. Also, that is a green island oasis true one as there is just so much pine woods all around and that blend of blue lakes, blue sea and green woods is just amazing!

5 easy reachable national parks in Croatia2. North Velebit
This one is not that famous, but this is a true gem if you’re a hike lover. You need to bookmark this picturesque park in the North of Velebit mountain that is Croatia’s largest mountain range. Trails and tourist trails are marked so you will not get lost, however for the hikers there are other trails marked in a different way. Free wildlife you are able to witness and scenic views from the top are just breathtaking and unforgettable. Also, this national park is used for scientific research and conservation, and you can also camp on the mountain for those more adventurous ones!


1. Krka National Park
So, as written already, no. 1 does not matter as favorable one, but as the one that is just on our list. This one is the one we just adore next to Mljet island. Just to remember, as we are located in Dubrovnik Mljet island and Krka National Park are the closest one to us, that’s why the favorite one. We’re written about Krka waterfalls already but this nature wonder just never seems to disappoint. Why? This is one of the parks that is so easy reachable from Dubrovnik and Split and even Zadar (going North). It is an amazing day trip for summer and winter time! Terraced waterfalls, wildlife, clear waters, so many different shades of blues in the lakes, wooden houses, wooden restaurant, wooden trails… just astonishing! And you can visit it by clicking on -> Krka


This is it guys from us! Truly easy reachable national parks from wherever in Croatia you’re, and especially if it’s spring or autumn as the crowds are lower and, on the roads, there are less traffic. We would love to advise you some more, but our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook feeds are waiting for us, as well as our returning and ‘new’ clients that are writing for new dream vacation time in our beautiful country! Oh, yes, and if you really haven’t seen it yet – they’re writing on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where you can write to.

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