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Let's talk about Split city

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Split city in Croatia is actually the second largest town in the country with a little bit over 200,000 inhabitants. Definitely the largest one on the whole Adriatic coast, located in the Central Dalmatia. We’ve called it the Roman’s Emperor town because it is the truth. Diocletian was the first one to make this part of Dalmatia his retreat, wanting to make his retirement here in the Mediterranean coast and weather. But, not to get ahead of us. Let us tell you why this city is such a gem to the Adriatic coast.

Split city has amazing connections, regardless if you’re arriving by bus, by train!!, by plain or even by the sea it’s so easy to travel to this town and from it. This town has it all. What do we mean by that? Well, Split has the Old Part of the town, thanks to Diocletian and the enormous history that goes with it. It is a walled part of the town as the Roman’s did mostly everything ‘closed’ to create the aversion of wealthy and poor. The whole palace is a true unique monument where walking thought it, you’ll truly get a feeling like walking through the history. In each corner you’ll get to see something special, some detail or just a window shape that is different.

Let's talk about Split city

Let’s talk about the ‘state of mind’ you get to see and hopefully feel too. So, when you’re in Split, don’t miss on the Riva promenade. This promenade is located on the south side of Diocletian palace wight on the seafront with huge lined tree palms that make a great photo! Walking on this promenade you’ll get to see true lifestyle of the locals; sit back in any of the coffee bars (and there are a lot lined next to each other), enjoy the sun, drink your beverage, look at the blue Adriatic Sea and you’ll drop in that relaxed state of mind we were talking about.

Continue walking on the promenade as it connects to West shore which is at the foot of Marjan Hill. Let’s talk about this hill for a bit. It is the lunges of the city truly! Green oasis and the symbol of the town is a favorite place for the easy walk in the nature. The views from the viewpoints are to the town and city center on one side and the Dalmatian coast on the other. A definite must while there!

Let's talk about Split city

Let’s get back to the town because Peristil is something you should not miss while there. All year long you can indulge in the various cultural events, exhibitions and all other sorts of social events here. Where is it exactly? Once you walk through the Diocletian’s cellars (yes, another must!), you’ll reach this point. This is a central square of the whole Palace, there Diocletian was celebrated, the people should come near him, kneel, kiss the hem of his cloak, etc. You should most definitely take an evening walk to Peristil because nowadays it’s an ideal theatre scenery and the locals use it well!

When we’re talking about this town we could go forever as there is just so much things to visit, not to miss and to indulge in. We’ve mentioned our favorites and those are the ones we never miss to visit while here. If you were wondering, we take you to see this town too! Just visit; Roman emperor's town Split.

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