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Dubrovnik when to visit?

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Dubrovnik Old Town Dubrovnik Old Town

Today we're answering the most common question about the Dubrovnik. BUT we’re answering it in our way, as usual. From local’s perspective and travelers one too. We’re traveling a lot so we do know how hard it is to find the perfect time to visit some place. Mostly because we wish to travel when there is not so many people in that place (not a big fans of crowds), when the weather is still nice and warm, when we can truly experience the sight and everything it offers. As quoted many times in our blogs, we absolutely love meeting the locals and their perspective, ways of living and we wish to see the location through their eyes. It is the only way to truly visit place. That is why we love answering questions like this.

Dubrovnik when to visit?Obviously, July and August are a big no-no. There are plenty of reasons behind it which we will not cover as you probably know those are the busiest months.
The most attractive months, the most crowded months, the warmer months, the worst time to visit if you really want to see all the gems Dubrovnik has to offer. If that is the only time you have to visit, we truly recommend to reach out to an agency (here we are! :) ), to locals (here we are! :) ) or any site that will give you best suggestions (here we are! :) ).
It’s all about timing.
So, the best way to travel through August and July is to set your days prior to arrival. Find out the best time to reach the Old Town, when cruises leave, when less people walk around the city walls, when you would be able to actually experience the history you’ll be walking through. And the same principle goes for every other excursion, beach day, island visit.. Let us know if that is the case with you, and we’ll provide all the answers.

Now, let’s move on to the BEST time to visit Dubrovnik. June and September! YAP! The weather is still very nice, warm and sunny, the sea temperature is high and the prices are cheaper. Crowds are still here, but in a much lesser amount. Traffic jams are not usual, beaches are less occupied and as the season is (June) starting, or (September) coming to its end, the people are much more relaxed and hospitable.
You can only imagine the amount of stress, work and tiredness with the locals in the high season. Plus, each year the warmth of the climate extends to at least the middle of October so if you do have a chance, stay a bit longer! The month of May on the other hand is much more unpredictable, some years it is warm and sunny, Adriatic is still not as warm to swim, and some years it can be a ‘month of rain’. Hopefully you’ll catch on some of our suggestions and apply them upon your next vacation thoughts about Dubrovnik, Croatia.

As always guys, we’re here for all your questions, remarks, inquiries, suggestions, feedbacks, so don’t be shy; leave a comment.

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Dubrovnik when to visit?

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