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How to follow up on New Year's resolutions

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New Year's resolutions and goals New Year's resolutions and goals

Happy New 2020 everyone!

How to follow up on New Year's resolutionsOk, now we’ve got that out of the way let’s deal with the main issue of the first day of the New Year. New Year’s resolutions! Lot of people actually do not even make one as they are certain they will not follow up, but (there is always a but!) it can be done and we’ll explain how.

First of all your New Year’s resolution needs to be yours! What do we mean by that? You can not set your goals to be like your friends did, even if you did, what you need to do is set up your mind and thoughts to achieving the goal. By setting a few resolutions that you can aim to obtain with little energy put into accomplishing them – you’ve already done half of the work.

Make a game plan, set up mile stone dates and make necessary changes along the way and reward yourself to complete your target by the end of the year!

What you need to do to follow up your New Year’s resolutions;
P.S. If you do follow this, you will end up accomplishing your goals and feeling much more content with yourself!

  •  Pick your resolutions – think about past resolutions and your attempts to keep them, analyze and make new once!
  •  Set specific goals – don’t make it a big one at the beginning. Focus on smaller resolutions that will offer a great challenge and then change them to bigger one when making smaller goals.
  •  Write them down – it doesn’t need to be on a paper. However, try putting them to your notes, reminders, pin boards, where ever will be easy to see them. Document your progress along the way, it will help you overcome resistance to progress.How to follow up on New Year's resolutions
  •  Tell someone / tell everyone – share your resolution with others, it can be a person of your choice or it can be your whole social media connections. There is a bit of guilt when you don’t attain your decisions and have told someone, but there is a lot of joy & celebration once you manage to obtain them.
  •  Self-motivate – if you fall off track, well it’s not the end of the world. It takes time for your goals to become a reality and it is not easy. Mistakes are what makes you human, so don’t beat yourself up. Resolve to recover from your mistakes and carry on!
  •  Make your milestones – mark up your calendar to the date where you’ll stop and see where you’re at. Look what you’ve done so far, re-evaluate the concept and program you’re on and reward yourself!
  •  Enjoy yourself – don’t make it a job. Make it your fun way of showing yourself and others you CAN and you WILL do it. Create the biggest reward you’ll be having on the 31th of December and look forward to it. 

How to follow up on New Year's resolutions

Eventually the feeling of success will come over you and you’ll want to share and be accountable for accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions. Who knows, maybe next year you’ll give us some new tips to add to the list.

We’ve made our goals for this year, one of which we’ve already started to accomplish. And yes, we did share it with you peeps, have a look on our Facebook feed, or Instagram feed, of LinkedIn profile, or Pinterest.. somewhere along the line you’ll get it. But (there is always a but!), even if you don’t, we’ll let you know soon enough.

With love,

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