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5 holiday appreciations

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Season’s greetings & joyful holidays are here peeps!
This blog post will be dedicated to all of you, our greatest treasure. You made us better, even more hardworking and so much happier, so please keep on reading and find your self in these 5 grateful ‘thank you cards’;

5. Thank you for the support
Your support throughout the season was incredible; every like, every follow, every comment, every share, every link, every message, every e-mail, every testimonial..

4. Thank you for the feedback
All of your feedbacks, good or bad, we’ve taken in consideration. You’ve only helped us grow and learn more every day. We welcome every feedback we can get so keep giving :)

3. Thank you for the collaborations
Thank you to all of our partners, to all the agents, to all the suppliers, to all friends and family and all of you who saw and recognized the hard work we put in and made us your ‘go to’ Croatian company!

2. Thank you for your trust
This is probably the most important one. Your trust is our greatest prize, pride and joy. We hope you’ll keep trusting us as your partner in this wonderful adventure we’re on!

1. Thank you for the push!
Most of all, we LOVE you pushing us to make more unique products, to import all the ideas and feedbacks you gave us, to keep going every day as enthusiastic and eccentric as we were on the 1st day we opened the company!

This blog post is one big thank you card, letter of appreciation to everyone who’s had any contact with anyone from Creative Event Croatia; direct or indirect. You made us what we are today and we’ll never forget you that, so we would love if you would keep engaging.

P.S. We haven’t forgotten about all of you who wished us not so good wishes and made our year a bit harder than it was supposed to be. And you deserve the greatest THANK YOU, you made us learn to never ever give up!

So may the New Year be a happy one to all of you, may your Christmas be blessed with lots of love, fun, peace, new adventures, joy and happiness.
For the rest of your travel plans, you know we’re always here for you!

With love,
Creative Events Croatia

Snow in Dubrovnik



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