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5 winter destinations in Croatia

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Holiday season is upon us! We're all already in the holiday spirit, if you're not yet, while you reach the end of this blog post – you'll be affected. On today’s top 5, we’ll talk about specific cities, spots in Croatia for your next holiday adventure. Everyone loves being home on Christmas, however there are wanderlusts like us, that love putting their home on some wheels. Whether those are airplane wheels, car wheels, train wheels, or just luggage wheels, the point is in creating home away from home for the most wonderful time of the year. Without further ado, we’ll start into showing off with our holiday collection;

5. Zagreb – Capital city
We’ve covered this Christmas wonderland in another blog post already so if you haven’t seen it already here’s the link – How about advent in Croatia? Theme of this year’s Christmas market is the nutcracker! You’ll find the figurine at almost every corner, and we adore it! Every year Zagreb town does it best and every year the lights are brighter, the markets are bigger, the shows are louder, the winter wonderland is more magical. Vote for Zagreb to be 4th year in a row the best Europe Christmas market! To do that, you should visit first don’t you think? - just finding you a simple reason to :)

5 winter destinations in Croatia

4. Plitvice lakes5 winter destinations in Croatia
You’ve heard of this nature wander of ours - UNESCO World Heritage site, the Plitvice Lakes that are Croatia's biggest, oldest and most visited national park. Thousands of people visit these Lakes every year, though the majority visit during summer, and it is an amazing place to visit during all four seasons. However, if you happen to be nearby sometime between January and March, you definitely don't want to miss out on winter wonderland at Plitvice. Just look at the photo from 3 days ago..

3. Zadar town
Winter festival in this sun kissed, sea singing town starts on 22th of November, where all the others start on 01th of December. It does last only until 02th of January however, during this four-week period, Zadar turns from into a winter fairytale. Christmas concerts, Santa’s workshops, unique theatre plays and lots and lots of tasty Mediterranean foods and drinks. P.S. if you happen to be in Zadar throughout this time period you are in luck, as some merchants, restaurants and museums take spot in the 'Walk around town', which is an offer of discounts and convenient menus at affordable prices.

2. Split town
This harbor town has different winter festival this year. It will bring you back to feel the emotions of history time. Music and unique ways of amusement will put you in a time machine to sing forgotten verses, play Christmas games and taste what we like to call ‘’Grandma’s kitchen’’ flavors. It lasts for five weeks, started from 30th of November advent in Split will amaze you with postcard views from photo corners and delicacies at various locations around the city center.

5 winter destinations in Croatia1. Dubrovnik
We’ve reached the last southern point and which we love the most – our beautiful Dubrovnik winter festival. This time of the year in Dubrovnik is characterized with tradition and getting together in most famous street - Stradun. The Old Town is wrapped in decorations, with the lights and carols giving it a true charming and dreamy, festive feeling. You get to explore lots of beautiful handmade crafts – that make the perfect Christmas gift from your holiday in Dubrovnik. About the specialties and delicacies surely you’ve seen on our Instagram and Facebook page already. Btw did you know that The wall street journal has even wrote an article about Winter Escape in Dubrovnik some time ago – here you go.

Hope you had as much holly jolly fun reading this blog post as we did creating it for you. We’ve tried our best to cover the most in one post and would appriciate your comments on it. Have you ever been to Croatia during holiday season? Is it on your bucket list after this blog post?
P.S. Check the prices for tickets and accommodation in this time period – you’ll be surprised!

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