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5 don’ts when coming to Croatia

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Croatia is a fascinating country in a complex corner of Europe; however, Croatia is emerging as one of Europe's top travel destinations. Europe being an interesting continent with so many different cultures and unique history, Croatia’s culture has been heavily modified with other cultures around it. The country itself is surrounded by perfect climate and has architecture that will seem like from a dream. Not to brag too much, we are Croats and as always in our blogs – will try to give you more tips for your arrival to our fascinating country.

5. Croatia is Croatia!
Please, don’t call Croatia; Yugoslavia! We’re not a part of Yugoslavia for quite some time now, and the country mentioned does not exist for quite some time as well- it’s just time to finally let it go! Yes, just like the song from ‘Frozen’ quotes. We are Croats, we live in Croatia and we love Croatia. We’re very proud of our tradition, our UNESCO World Heritage siteS (10; 8 being cultural sited and 2 natural), of our football teams, of our islands, of our food... it’s still CROATIA. Learn about it and make us proud.

4. Beaches are mostly rocky once!
Contrary to most visitor’s opinions, sandy beaches are rare in Croatia coastline. So, if you don’t want to work on your vocal cords while entering the Adriatic Sea bring water shoes. In the end after couple of days, your feet (as well as ours) will get used to the rocks. A lot of our beaches are pebble, rocky or stone once, very few are real sandy beaches. P.S. In Dubrovnik area we actually have couple of sandy once.

5 don’ts when coming to Croatia

3. No quick way of getting around!
5 don’ts when coming to CroatiaWhen deciding to travel to Croatia, don’t look at the Google Maps and believe everything you see. For example; Dubrovnik to Split with a car by Google Maps it says it will take you 3 hours and 5 minutes. They do not calculate on border wait, which you must cross in Neum (border with Bosnia and Herzegovina). And it sometimes takes 5 minutes, sometimes hours depending on lot of factors. You’ll need to take ferries to reach the islands, the schedule can change + on some ferry lines there are no guaranteed spots even if you bought the ticket and you have to wait for another one. It’s better to ask us and we’ll help with the choices.

2. Our food!
We can’t get enough of this one. Don’t skip out on our local cuisine. Of course, the sea food is delicious, after all we’re at the sea, just order the fish plate – or ask us for advice on ‘where to eat’. If you like meat, no worries we’re very proud of our many modified recipes from other cultures and our own passed down for generations and you’ll not be disappointed. Also, we tend to drink wine, beer is good too, but wine. As Martin Luther said; ‘’Beer is made by men, wine by God.’’ He probably referenced some of Croatian many vineyards and wineries. Just look at some of the wine tours we drank, ups, sorry – that we suggest.

1. Did you know that In Croatia is the center of the world?
This one is probably the most interesting and coolest to all of you. This one is arguable and some of you will not agree, however a small town in north of Croatia called Ludbreg has a symbol that quotes just that. Let’s explain; if you get a map of the world and stretch it out, you would find Ludbreg of Croatia right in the middle. As there is no true fact on whereabouts of the center of the world and Ludbreg holds that title from the 19th century and can be said to be one of the oldest settlements in Croatia – it is one the many things we’re proud of!

5 don’ts when coming to Croatia

Local suggestions and tips are what helps us a lot while travelling so we love helping you guys. Also check out some of our amazing 2020 experiences in our ‘Traveler’ slider, we’re sure you’ll find a lot of alluring tours of exploration and admiration. Comment section below is not for the sake of form – give it a go!

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