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Eternally lively city of Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik is a city known for its summer season; however, it is wrong to think that it's vibrant only during the high summer season. We at CEC highly recommend visiting in the pre-season and post-season months. Your experience will be much more enchanting and private and, in the end, monumental. The whole atmosphere of the town is serene and reflective.

Eternally lively city of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s heart– the Old Town has celebrated it’s four decades long UNESCO World Heritage preservation in 2019 year. The massive stone walls surrounding the city, authenticity, value, tradition, the whole identity oblige every visitor and towns inhabitants to keep its unique worth. 

One of the most visited events during pre-season is Festivity of Saint Blaise in February. St. Blaise is a patron saint of the city, protector. Legend that surrounds Dubrovnik’s protector dates back to 972 when Venetian ships anchored near Lokrum island with the intention of attracting the town. Under false pretenses the Venetians got their permission to refill their supplies and stay overnight. St Blaise appeared at the altar of the St. Stephen’s church to the priest called Stojko who in the middle of the night felt a strange call to the church. Once the apparition of gray old man in bishop’s attire explained what is about to happen and asked the priest Stojko to alert the city fathers, he immediately passed the message. The next morning the gates to the town were closed and the army stood to defend the walls. Realizing the surprise factor will not work anymore, the angry Venetians turned back home. From that day on the tradition of worshiping Saint Blaise started and is very much alive throughout all these years. The procession is a special ritual of blessing of the throat, parish flags and reliquaries carried through the streets of the Old Town, traditional folk costumes and religious songs sung by the participants.

Eternally lively city of Dubrovnik


2019 is also proclaimed to be the Year of Orlando as commemoration of the 600th anniversary of the erection of the knight serving under Charles the Great. The statue can be found in the middle of central square in front of the St. Blaise Church. Libertas flag is raised on top of the statue as a public announcement that actors of Dubrovnik Summer Festival are in town. Orlando is very important part of the town’s history for much more reasons that we’ll reveal in an exclusive blog post. This year’s opening of the Summer Festival was a jubilee one as it was 70th edition of the festival AND 600th anniversary of the completion of Orlando.

October is a significant month for Dubrovnik as well – post-season. Good Food festival organized by Dubrovnik Tourist Board is held every year at the beginning of the month. For a week you get to try delicious food from variety of restaurants inside the city walls and in other different parts of the town, for a much cheaper price with menu’s already set. On the last day of the festival stroll down Stradun street to enjoy the biggest food table with such diversity from sweet to savory for a bargain.


The choice of the particular moment to enjoy this energetic and active town depends solely on you. We gave you just a glimpse of what awaits you off high summer season. Ending this post with commentary box below to hear your impressions.

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