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5 facts Croatia is known for

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What is Croatia known for? What is Croatia known for?

Hi peeps! We know you’ve been waiting for our next topic and here it is, 5 most famous (among Croatians) and little known in the world – facts on Croatian popularity. We’ll not make this intro a long one, so let’s get started as we know you’re all keen to know;

5. 1246 islands, isles and islets
Yap, Croatia is the best sailing destination, from the smallest once, sunniest once, to the biggest once with National Parks and lakes within.. Grab the rudder and set sail!

4. Necktie
Want to be professional or just love wearing neckties as it makes you more desirable or you fancy that? We’ll give you on a little ‘public secret’ .. you have the option of putting on a necktie because Croats invented it!

What is Croatia known for?

3. We’re in love with food too, what are your feelings on truffles?
Come to Croatia and then visit the peninsula Istra in the western part of Croatia. You can go truffle hunting and find the biggest one. Why? Because Croatia is home of the world’s biggest truffle!

2. Roman Gladiator games
Yap, we had fingers in that one too. As a matter of fact in Istra peninsula, Pula town to be exact there are still ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre, which is one of the 3 preserved in the world.

What is Croatia known for?

1. Sunset lovers, quickly buy the ticket and visit Croatia, Zadar town
Mr. Alfred Hitchcock quoted that Zadar has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL sunset (wait for it) … IN THE WORLD! Yes, you’ve read it correctly – in the world. Now, we won’t brag that much, however once sitting at the coast of Zadar, you can listen to the Sea Organ, the Adriatic plays its own music for anyone willing to listen while overlooking at the most mesmerizing sunsets.

What is Croatia known for?

We’ve selected only 5 of the best! Now it’s up to you to let us know if there is a desire to learn more about some of the everyday items you use and don’t even know they came from the Croatian inventers. Or even some of the other facts about summer in Croatia, beaches, sea, vacation in general.

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