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How to plan a trip to Croatia?

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Autumn days are so refreshing after the summer heats and surely the best time to start planning your next trip. Admit it, you’re just like us – travel addicts! So, we thought why not explain to all of you how to plan a trip to Croatia.

Visit in the off season. May, June, September and October are the best months for visiting Croatia, sun is warm, depending on the year usually sea is warm enough to swim, you’ll avoid the crows of high season and get to explore Croatia in its fullest. Get yourself a private driver. Croatia is no longer a budget destination, prices for private transfers around the country and surroundings are not that high and you get a local driver that speaks English and will be able to show you and explain to you where you’re driving through. It’s always better to travel with a local, wouldn’t you agree?

How to plan a trip to Croatia?

How to plan a trip to Croatia?You’ll never have enough time. If picket correctly the towns, activities, national parks, etc. will never be fully experienced and that’s something you’re already agreeing on when deciding to visit more than one spot in Croatia. So getting that fact already out of the way, it will be quite easy to let us know your preferences while on travel adventure so that locals (us :D) can give you the best tips and advices on what to see, where to go, what to do.

Do not skip continental Croatia! Most of you will automatically decide on traveling to Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and other coastal towns of our beautiful country. BUT, try not skipping our capital city of Zagreb, with its rich history, delicious restaurant choices and amazing activities in the town and its surroundings will be more than worth it. Learn some simple phrases. You know what we mean, words like good day (dobar dan), good evening (dobar večer), thank you (hvala), goodbye (doviđenja), and so on.. You’ll definitely see the locals appreciate your enrolment to learn! Try local! We tend to travel a lot, however where ever we decide to visit, we love trying out local food, drinks. We encourage you to try Mediterranean food, special delicates every part of Croatia cook, we’re sure you’ll want to take the knowledge of preparing the food you’ve tried back home!

We listed just some of the reasons and ways to plan a trip to Croatia, let us know if we can help more! You see that orange pop-up in the down right corner of your screen? Yes? Well, that’s for your next trip and question to us!

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