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5 Croatian money related answers

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We've had so many questions regarding the currency, tipping, expensiveness and cost of trip to Croatia in general. Here we'll give you 5 most common questions about the topic and our answers. Keep in mind we are born and raised in Croatia, but have travelled the world so the comparisons are real and based upon our experience. Let's get started then;

5. Currency exchange to Kuna
We'll not talk a lot about this topic as we already covered it in our popular blog post; ''Answers about Croatia and Dubrovnik'' so go ahead click on the link and find out more. Generally in all Croatia you can use your credit cards, but it's always good to have paper money with you as well. Kuna is the currency used in Croatia however you can find prices often quoted in euros and euros are widely accepted, however using only euros will leave you short-changed.

5 Croatia money related answers

4. Expensiveness
Our little country is a bit more expensive than some of our neighbours, but remember you are coming only to visit, so no – you'll not get bankrupted. With a budget of 50€-60€ per day you can easily enjoy Croatia with not much worries. For more luxurious ways of traveling you would need around 100-150€ per day, but that depends on taking day trips and enjoying numerous different experiences.

3. Cost of living
If by any chance you are staying for a longer period of time, we've got you covered regarding the budget situation. Expensiveness of living in Croatia varies between the place of living, in general the average price for meal in an average restaurant is around 40-70 kn (6-9€), coca cola costs from 13-16 kn (1.5-2€). Market prices for regular necessities like milk are between 5-7 kn (0,6-0,9€), pack of cigarettes Marlboro for example is from 28-32 kn (3,7-4€).

2. Tipping in Croatia
We're pretty standard about this, it is expected of you to leave a 10% in the restaurant even if there is a fee already included, which in most restaurants is not. Most common practice is to leave a bit more if you are satisfied with the service, but note that in most restaurants and coffee bars the tip is not included in the price. Just read the bill you got, it's almost always written on it. Other than restaurants and bars these are the local tipping advices; hotel staff – 15-20 kn, tours guides – 15-20 kn, taxi driver – round up the fare. But if you consider the service you got more than what you've expected, do leave a bit more on the tip, the other part will be grateful.

1. Croatian ATM's
Commonly accepted cash cards are; Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, Plus, Maestro. ATMs are strategically placed at all major airports and train stations in Croatia and very near to the ferries and buses points. ATM use for foreign travel has gotten expensive because the banks and credit card companies cash in on your withdraw, for extra safety just bring two functioning cards with you, in case one isn't accepted.

5 Croatia money related answers

Hope we've answered some of your questions. If by any chance you have more you would like us to answer for you, feel free to leave your desired topic in the comments!

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