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RAIN while on your vacation

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Rainy Dubrovnik Pile gate Rainy Dubrovnik Pile gate

Hope you're having a great Monday morning folks! September in Dubrovnik is such a twisty month, mostly sunny and summerish, however there can be days when rain and cold wind gives you a feeling of fall. No need to panic nor think that the summer days are over, as the days are very unpredictable. Even if it's raining in the morning, in the afternoon the sun will come out again and the heat will be just enough to go swimming. It's very odd but the best month to travel to Dubrovnik!

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Rain in Dubrovnik area in September means; heavy rain for about an hour or two tops, and that's it. So while it's raining feel free to walk the old town’s museums, churches, monasteries, treasuries, palaces, etc. Once the stone gets wet you'll see the true colours of the town and get that vibe of walking among the centuries.

If you have already booked any of the adventurous outdoors experiences Dubrovnik has to offer, not to worry. We will let you know if it’s safe enough to do it despite the rain, but if it is don’t get scared as that can become even better experience than you anticipated.

For example, we had Dawn & Mark, our dear guests from UK going on kayaking experience in the morning and it started to rain. Our guides instructed that it will be fine and the adventurous soul within them took the challenge although lots of other cancelled their trip. Once they were done after 3 hours of the whole experience, this is what they quoted; ‘’ it was one of the best things we decided to do! It was raining while the sun was shining, just amazing! We got wet, and just jumped into the sea near Lokrum island, swimming in the warm Adriatic and it’s still raining was one of the best feelings. Betina cave was also great, we even jumped from the rocky cliff, Dawn did it too! Once we came back to Pile bay the sun was shining and it was so hot we dried off in minutes.’’dubrovnik

Once the sun comes up and everything gets dried off, watch your step as the stone streets can be very slippery if not in proper shoes. Also then you get to walk the city walls and watch how the grey clouds get away from the town and the sunshine fills the narrow streets of the Old Town.

Now that’s just a couple of suggestions on what to do when it’s raining in Dubrovnik. In the next blog we’ll give you 5 suggestions on one day trip getaways if there is rain in the forecast for couple of full days in Dubrovnik.

P.S. Lots of you asked about the clothes to bring when coming to Croatia in September, here you go;

Zagreb and north of Croatia will be a bit colder, however I would advise just one spring/fall jacket. Along the coastline the temperatures goes higher, however we're anticipating rain in the middle of September. So my advice would be to travel from the south to the north to catch only the best weather while on your vacation.

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