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5 reasons why your next vacation is in Dubrovnik

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Good morning everyone!
On this beautiful hot summer morning we decided to share with you why Dubrovnik, Croatia is your next best vacation destination! 
Without further ado let’s start;

5. Mountain and seamountain bike
We have it all! On one side you can spend your morning jogging to the Peak of Srđ Mountain and enjoy the most mesmerizing views, on the other side you can spend your afternoon in crystal clear Adriatic Sea. For the finish of the day, walk among the old towns narrow streets and blend in with the locals.

sailboat 4. Islands
If you start thinking about vacationing in Croatia and start getting to know the country, almost everywhere you will read that Croatia has more than 1000 islands. Why are they so special? Each and every island is unique, not only by its size and shape but by the locals that live on it, by their traditions, by island history and the vegetation.

3. Valley and peninsula
Yes, as small as Dubrovnik is, we have it all, by all we mean – mountains, sea, islands, but also peninsulas, valleys.. Just visit Konavle valley, you will get to meet such a different culture, homemade products and dishes, vineyards, stone houses, rural lifestyle and all that just 30 minutes away from the centre. About an hour from the centre on the other side (driving towards Split), you will get to meet Pelješac peninsula and its vineyards, wine cellars, oyster farms, fisherman’s towns, secluded bays and different kind of rural life.

2. History
''We are not makers of history. We are made by history.'' – Martin Luther King Jr.dubrovnik old town
Old Town of course! But don't get fooled, as mentioned in past 3 numbers, Dubrovnik is not only determined by the Old Town and the secrets it holds within its walls. We'll not talk much about this point, just scroll down any of our history tours and read a little bit. Let us know which one got you interested the most!


1. Sun, sand and sea!
Beach, beach and beach some more! From beach parties, afternoon chills, cocktail nights, to just soaking up the sun and snorkelling in the clear Adriatic. There is something for everyone, no meter the age, nor the preferences. Whatever pops into your mind that day, there is a beach suited for you. Now, if you are having any troubles finding it, doesn't matter if it's on island, on peninsula, or secluded approachable only by the sea – let us know, we'll tell you how to get to the point of interest and help you achieving it!


We've just put out top 5, however you truly do not know what one town and its surroundings can offer until you opt for Dubrovnik vacation and buy that ticket.
Apart from that – just DM us and we'll take it from there!

With love,
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