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5 games you do not want to miss!

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Old Town harbor water polo set up Old Town harbor water polo set up

Happy Monday everyone!
We know it's the least favourite day of the week, but once you are on vacation it's a bit different isn't it? In this blog post we will let you know some more ways to become a local while in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This time, you need to participate! Ok, now all you lazy folks out there who just wanted to close this blog out as soon as read 'participate', KEEP READING! No, there will be no physical work required, just your voice. And no, if you do not want to participate with your voice, you don't need to and can still be there. So with no further ado, as now you have instructions but want to know what it is...

Its water polo games! Croatia and Dubrovnik to be more specific is famous for its water polo team and the victory trophies our players bring home!
Now, during the summer time, we locals like to create our own fun time, just like in the previous post with drinks, food and music. Porporela Old Town
We like to have a sports spirit as well. Here we’ll list 5 places where you can walk by yourself, with no entrance tickets, nor will anybody look at you weird for being there, no need to pay anything at all. The things to bring with you; swimsuit, beach towel, bottle of water (or something better if you like), sun cream and sun glasses. Yap, just like regular day going to the beach. The games are held at the local beaches! Now about those voices we mentioned before.. Participation in these events is only with cheerleading! So once you get to pick what team you like the best, (that means you would have to go to more than one game!), start rooting! Also this is such a unique way of finding out and visiting beaches along Dubrovnik coastline. Every game is held at another place. So let’s start for the first 5 games;

1st qualifying round will be held at Plat! Here you go, the first beach and most of you never heard of it. Well, that's because it's not in Dubrovnik but a 20minute car ride away towards the airport. There are bus lines as well, and the easiest way – letting us know you need a ride ;) The first game starts at 16:20 pm, and there will be 4 in total the first day. On Wednesday, the 24th of July, so start making plans!
plat beach
2nd qualifying round will be held at the same beach, on Friday, the 26th. Plus, guys, you are going to the beach, so feel free to swim and explore the surroundings prior to the games!
27th Saturday – Mlini beach! You see – you’re getting to know Dubrovnik’s surroundings better with every game. There are so many beautiful beaches along our coastline you wouldn’t even know exist if not for your cheerleading participation ;)

mlini beach
Monday, 29th – second 'A' Qualifying Round. Here it will get heated and if you've made it to this round, you're already hooked and will want to participate in all the rest!
3rd qualifying round – Wednesday 31th of July.. and now we're already getting to August, so the everything's getting hotter! These are the 5 first, most important games for you to get to know the players, their teams, and also the villages near Dubrovnik. For the rest of the game schedule – ask us directly – participate!

And guys, you know what that box down below is used for? COMMENT SECTION! Don’t be lazy, let us know your thoughts and subjects you want to know more about!

With love,
Creative Events Croatia

P.S. Just for the fun of it - have a look at how kids have fun within Old Town walls - look down!

Old Town Dubrovnik

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