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5 local interesting curiosities

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Dubrovnik maskeron Dubrovnik maskeron

Friday is here again! We believe there is no need for any introduction after reading the heading so let's dive right into it;

Dubrovnik Orlando statue

1. Measuring unit – Dubrovnik elbow - In metrology, an ancient measuring unit of length is the length of the human arm from the elbow to the tip of the fingers. Its value was changeable at different times, in different places and for different goods. In the old age in Middle Eastern cultures, the elbows were about 40 to 60 cm in length, and in the Middle Ages, elbows were used in the length of about 40 to 80 cm. The Dubrovnik elbow, the legal unit of the length of the Dubrovnik Republic, was determined by the length of the right arm on the sculpture of the knight Orlando, repeated by the length cut into the foot of the Orlando column, 51.2 cm long. 

2. Legend of the maskeron on the facade of the Franciscan monastery - It is certain that by entering the city regularly you will be able to see a smaller or larger group of observers who are waiting to see if a brave soul will managed to jump on the maskeron, stay on it while; pulling off the shirt and again, successfully, standing and shaking on the already sunken and heavily clenched top of a shallow maskeron, put on again.
The procedure or the ritual described was actually the vow of a young man who could not find love. So he vowed to try until he was able to "win" the maskeron for a happy love.

3. Sealed window space is in the ‘Zlatarićeva ulica’’ - inside the Old Town once coming from Pile gate on the right side (3th street on the right). In the 15th century, the birth of extramarital children are growing, so the Council decides to establish a state orphanage. It is called Ospitale della misericordia (Hospital mercy). The adoption of the children into this state orphanage took place in a completely discreet way - the child would lay on the outer half of the wooden plate called the wheel, and it was built into the window of the ground floor, what the orphan officials would do by turning their wheels, introduced a child into the house. That is how the orphan officials could not see who got the baby. Now the window is sealed however you can clearly see outlines.Lady Pi Pi Dubrovnik

4. Church of St. Roko and "Peace with you, remember you will die, you, who are playing with the ball!" graving. This hand-engraved graphite, in Latin, is located on the eastern wall of the modest church of St. Roko and gives it a specialty in child playfulness, from 1597 to the present time. Even today, in Domina Street, after Stradun's largest street in the City, you will meet boys in the ball race playing around. Few centuries ago by the unknown tenant of the building around the street where children played football, decided to put a warning to the church's wall about the short-lived life and the inevitability of death. These words are a repeated even today by at least one of today's tenants to the children as they strike the ball on the wall to disturb the afternoon rest and peace.

5. Lady Pi-Pi statue - In front of this sculpture, the tourists must stop, snap a pic, glimpse in front of their cameras.. The author of a controversial sculpture is Pero Miljkovic, and now it is a statue on the entrance of the homonymous restaurant. The fountain is located in front of the restaurant, and it is a statue of a woman that sits down, legs spread open doing what we all do, pees.

Now, go ahead, find those places and send us your pic! ;)

With love, Creative Events Croatia

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