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5 Dubrovnik adventure experiences on a budget

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Another day, another adventure Another day, another adventure

SUMMER IS HERE! ADVENTURE IS CALLING! Hi peeps, we wanted to do a little change from Friday blogging to Monday blogging. After getting lots of great feedback, we thought why not switch it up a little. Monday is usually not the most favourable day of the week so here we are to make it fun and great again! And no, do not get used to it, this is a decision for now.. we love creative changes, so who knows what will be next on our list!

Let us start our countdown for all you adventurers out there, we will give you tips on 5 adventures you can experience when traveling to Dubrovnik on a budget. Dubrovnik is not THAT expensive as everybody things, you just got to find out the best tips, and that’s where we step in. No more introduction, let’s go;

e scooter ride

No. 5 – E scooter fun! Come on, how many of you had scooter as a kid and loved riding it everywhere? 

We certainly did! But this is a different kind of scooter, almost the same except one this this is an eco-friendly scooter. You can push it by yourself, it is advisable as in that way you are recharging it – AMAZING huh? But if you are not up to it, then step on and feel the wind in your hair while driving up to 35 km/h. Yes, big thirty five! The only thing you are required is to have coordination. Now click on any of the following and let the child within out;
Along the coastline
From the top of Sokol tower
Fun ride through Konavle

Wine and scooter experience

kayak dubrovnik cliff jumpNo. 4 – Kayaking! Okay, okay, we know the first thing that pops in your mind is; ‘but there is paddling involved’. DON’T BE THAT LAZY! It is really not that hard, even for hard core lazy one of you out there. Also, you REALLY do not even notice you’re getting tired, you will be passing by the Old Town’s massive city walls, paddle to island Lokrum that is magical by itself, even get to end up at cliff jumping experience in a cave (well if you are brave enough)! Now, don’t be that lazy and just click on the following links, it will cost you 2 minutes and you might even dare to give it a try; 
Kayak experience
Game of Throne fan? Opt this kayak experience

No. 3 – Zumba class experience! You must of heard about this way of dancing already, however if not – this is a dance that combines Latin and international music with different dance moves. Why is it so special you ask? You do not need to know anything at all prior to arriving to class! There is no ''correct'' or ''incorrect'' moves, not choreography. Yes, those are moves that are combined, but you do not need to follow the instructor, the point is to connect your body with music and let yourself go! Now, the question is why do it while in Dubrovnik? The answer is WHY NOT?! You get to meet people from all over the world + lots of local people, connect, bond, get new tips and share with us ;)
Move your body!

No. 2 – Zip linening! One of the most thrilling experiences in Dubrovnik is definitely Zip line over secluded beach that is unreachable by land only from the sea. zip line dubrovnik adventureNow imagine yourself hanging over that beach, with a sunset view of the Elafiti islands (3 most popular islands near Dubrovnik) and nothing beneath you. You did? Okay, now imagine if you could stop in the middle of the zip line and turn over the other side to catch the view. You did? Okay, now imagine clicking on the link below and being able to truly experience this adrenaline ride with nothing left to imagination; 
Hang on!

No. 1 – Sea fun! You didn’t really believe we would skip all the fun and adrenaline rush you can get on our beautiful Adriatic coast! Pick banana ride, no – no, pick Jet Ski fun, oh wait, pick sea bob! Almost forgot, opt for diving, or maybe parasailing? No? What about stand up paddle board? All of the listed AND MORE you can experience while in Dubrovnik and traveling on a budget! Here you go;
Adrenaline pump experiences

parasailing Dubrovnik adventure

What is your favourite adrenaline pumping adventure while on holiday? If you let us know, we will arrange it for you! Until next surprise blog!

With love,
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