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Time to discover nature's aphrodisiac

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Fisherman's rural household details Fisherman's rural household details

FRIYAY! Now be a love and pass the wine that goes with these oysters!

We wanted to share with you our guilty pleasure – oysters. What better place to taste it directly from the sea but Pelješac peninsula. Yes!
Now all you oyster lovers prepare for the best day trip from Dubrovnik explained in detail, hopefully you have eaten your lunch and are not hungry. And the rest of you.. sorry this one is not for you, but in another blog we will reveal best meat options so keep reading!

Start is from Dubrovnik in the morning, and the first stop is a view point of the Ston bay and oyster farms. Just to tease you a little bit, no worries just take a pic and hop back in the car.
ston bay
Next stop is the one you have been waiting for an hour; oyster farm! Our knowledgeable and experienced driver will take you to family owned farm. 

oysters ston peninsula

Upon taking the oysters out of the sea (right there in front of you) your host at this rural household will give one to you. Now is the big moment!
Shell matters! Look at the shell of the oyster, the greener the better, although usually not a rule when tasting food, this one is fairly advisable. From the shell you will be able to see that the oyster was farmed in a proper way – your host will explain everything.

After spending some time getting to know the ways of farming the oysters, best time of the year to eat them & ways to fully enjoy eating oysters you will continue your trip. Next stop will be at Ston town. Some of you may already know it because of Ston walls and two thousand year B.C – Roman times, old salt works. Ston walls however are dating back to 1333 year, built by Dubrovnik Republic in order to defend the republic and the peninsula. These massive walls are considered one of the best planned defence system in Europe.

Take a tour and you will find out more about the history of this magical place, in this blog we will talk about the delicious food this peninsula provides. To continue your trip, after you have explored Ston, you will be seated at a small wooden boat and end up on a private island in the middle of the Ston bay. Why you ask? Just sit back and relax, while captain stops in the middle of the way to the island, takes oysters from the farm out of the sea. Yes, you can try them again and again and again. This day is made for it! Upon arrival to the island, lunch will be prepared. Want to know what is for lunch?
Sea food menu; Fish, oysters, shrimps, mussels… you never know until arrival, but what do you think of the choices?

oyster farm

We must go now, those oysters will not eat by them self’s! Pour yourself a glass of white wine, order oysters and try imagining you are here with us.
OR let us know you want to experience this day and leave everything to us!

With love, Creative Events Croatia

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