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5 packing tips when traveling to Croatia

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Happy Friday morning everyone! May your cup overflow with peace, love and pure awesomeness today!

We are back again with this weeks 5 tips about packing right for your dream vacation in Croatia. Ready to begin? We are;
Like always we are beginning with number 5: Once traveling to Croatia from any country, please check if the adapters are the same as in your country. Bring converters, it won't take up much place in your suitcase and in that way you are sure you will be able to charge your phone/camera and the rest of technical equipment you are caring. It is easy to buy them at the airport, however why not prepare in advance for the possibility. Also charge your electronics before taking off, we suggest even buying an external battery for day trips while in the destination. Just imagine being somewhere magical and not being able to take a pic or a video to memorize the moment just because of the battery.

Number 4: Prepare your outfits in advance. Yes it is an exhausting tip, however once you get started it will be easier. Check out the weather reports and start trying out the possibilities. If you need any hand with inspiration for the best outfits check out our Instagram and the clothing our guests wore. Most of you will be opting for summer holiday in Croatia, and once packing in advance colourful options are the best. If by any chance you are not a fan of picking outfits, we suggest opting for more neutral colours that are easily combined with one another.

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Packing light is on number 3. You have probably read already about this a couple of times and thought to yourself that you always try doing that however it doesn’t turn out that way almost any time. We have a tip for you; roll, roll and roll some more! If you do not want to spend your precious time in the destination while ironing and still want to bring just that one more dress, and maybe just one more skirt, this is the way to do it. You will save up more space in your suitcase, and no ironing required once arriving. Also guys, leave room for souvenirs, you DO NOT need to fill up your suitcase to the point you will need to sit on it to be able to close it.

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Make your life easier – make a list! Number 2. Goes to some more ‘work’ from your side, however it will be beneficial. Here are some headlines for the list; CLOTHES – then you are arriving to number 2 and your prepared outfits, TOILETRIES – write down what is an essential for you in your everyday routine and invest in travel sized toiletries like soaps and deodorants, MAKE UP – girls remember you are traveling towards summer season! No need for carrying too much, natural is in trend for 2019 after all, and for the rest there is this, CARRY ON – remember you will be traveling to reach the destination, weather it is a long travel or short one, remember the things like snacks, headphones, charger, hair tie, water bottle, sunglasses..

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Main thing before every else on our list and yours as well should be to check your airline baggage policy, number 1! Weather it is an international flight or domestic one, do check your weight allowance, it is easy to find on each airline companies sites. Which bring us back to number 3 – PACK LIGHT. After all, whatever you forget and really cannot spend your vacation without it, you are able to buy in Croatia!


*When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money! – Susan Heller

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