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Answers about Croatia and Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik by night Dubrovnik by night

Welcome again to yet another blog post that is going to ease your life if travelling to Croatia in general and Dubrovnik to be specific.
Today we are going to answer questions you wanted to ask and you need to know prior to arriving to our beautiful little country.

Croatian money  Usually first question is about the currency. Yes, we do have different currency then most of European Union members, we still use our KUNA. It      is   in use back from 1994, and the code id HRK. The historical use of marten pelts as a unit of value for medieval trading is why Croatian money is    called ‘’kuna’’ – means ‘’marten’’ in Croatian. Okay, enough of the history, the point is this is the currency in Croatia which you will need to use to        buy anything. However in some souvenir shops, accommodations and for some transport means you can still pay in Euro.
  Suggested tip: prior to arriving exchange the money, the commission in exchange offices are rocket high!
  *One pint of beer is around 20 HRK which is 2,70€ on today’s course.
  Credit cards
– can we use them in Croatia? Come on guys, we are not that outdated! Yes, you can use your credit card in Croatia, any credit card.
  However we still advise to have cash with you, the use of credit card can ease your trip but the Croatian banks take again high commissions for          use. Regarding the cards; Visa and MasterCard are accepted everywhere, Diners Club and American Express are accepted as well but in larger hotels, restaurants, stores.
  Suggested tip: use Visa or MasterCard while paying in Croatia, there will be no place that accepts credit card as a mean of payment and does not accept Visa or MasterCard.

  What is our language and do we speak English? We love this one! No, we do not speak English and we force you to speak Croatian (our native        language), if you are not willing to speak Croatian we ignore you! HA-HA, just kidding guys. Yes, around 80% of population speaks English, some better and some worse, however everyone will try and help you with any quest you have. Using gestures with hands and feet is also the way of explaining for some, the point being you get the information :)

Croatia flag

Are we safe as a country? Another one that is a bit unreasonable. In each and every country there is crime unfortunately, and Croatia is the same. To ease your mind a bit, we usually have crimes related to government and frauds that are a constant. Crime levels are quite low, mostly during the summer time as; mostly everybody is working so there is no time, we are very lazy as well, and the biggest crime that can happen to you is some agency rips you off with prices – yet another reason to opt for us ;)

That's all for now, please do let us know if you found this blog informative and entertaining (at least a little bit)! Also tell us if there are any other questions we did not cover and you wish to know.

*For the end: NO! Yugoslavia is not Croatia nor the other way around. Croatia is an independent country as well as all the former country members formerly in Yugoslavia.

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  • Comment Link Hichem Merzougui Monday, 18 November 2019 13:02 posted by Hichem Merzougui


    Ure blog is informative and very interesting...thanks a lot for your support...I adore ure country, I visited zadar and split & I plan to do it again in sunny season.



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