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Hello everyone and welcome to Creative Events Croatia first blog post! HOORAY!
Let's leave 2018 behind us and step into 2019 with a new destination on mind for your vacation. They say it's about a journey and not about a destination, well.. we would not completely agree, the destination can be special with so many things to do and to experience too. Forget those clichéd resolutions like ‘going to the gym more’, ‘eating less’, ‘becoming a morning person’, etc…You’re yourself travel goals for the year. Choose new travel resolutions like ‘visit a place I’ve never been before’, ‘experience different adventure’, ‘learn ancient traditions’, etc..
It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going. – Brian Tracy
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We live in globalized 21th Century, where more and more cultures are becoming similar. Everywhere around the world you can see people having the same stuff, the same iPhones, drive the same cars, and wear the same brands of clothes. This type of globalization makes lots of advantages, but also presents new threats of losing ancient traditions. That's why we invite you to explore Dubrovnik's hidden gems and indulge yourself in new kind of adventure.

‘But first let me take a selfie!’ Oh, just don’t, there will be plenty of time for taking pictures, first make a decision to visit Croatia and Dubrovnik among other places. Don’t travel like it’s a task to do. It is your holiday, try to be more spontaneous this time around and let us make the plans for you. You will not be bored and your vacation will be much more fun that we assure you! Taste the culture, cuisine and collect memories by participating in local experiences. Explore those hidden bays, learn to prepare your own traditional dish to show off among friends and family back home. And by the way visit the most admirable city in the world.

Kick-start this year with some offbeat adventure and a lot of fun! Test CEC with your quest and unwind secrets of Dubrovnik area. We are here to create special and memorable event in your life!

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