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5 Dubrovnik Local Travel Tips

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Hi peeps! Once you start making plans for your vacation, you know how you wish to use all the time you have for everything you want to see, do and experience? If you stop and think about it, a lot of us just wishes they have some local ‘guidance’ regarding the destination. Well.. HERE WE ARE!
With 5 tips every two weeks on our blog site we will give you the best local guide tips on Dubrovnik. And we mean everything, from activities, sightseeing, local cuisine, things you shouldn’t forget and things you should definitely try!
Let’s start from the bottom up:
5. Beach, sun, sea
Number 5 goes to the beaches in Dubrovnik. Well of course, once you are on your vacation during the summer time it is kind of expected you will be spending your days at the beach. As Dubrovnik offers a lot of different beaches, depending on your desires, from cool – party beaches, relaxation beaches, mesmerising view beaches or even island beaches.. We will suggest our (not so crowded) best beaches in couple of ‘’categories’’. First of all Lokrum island with St. Jacobs beach, that is called a day well spend, however prepare for paddling, not to worry it will still be worth it. Pasjaca beach is the next one on our list, hop on the boat and relax for a day. Third is one of our favourite… drums rolling… drinking day at the sea, click on the link as we will not discover any more.

Lopud island coffee

4. Drinking coffee
This might seem a bit foolish, however ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ and this is something locals adore ‘’doing’’. Grab a coffee, sit somewhere with a view, and drink coffee for hours and you got it! We are a very laid back nation so mostly all the business meetings, gossiping, making any kind of plans, reading, sometimes even working.. We do it all with a cup of coffee and a restaurant or bar with a view. How else will anyone see all the people to gossip about, but still to greet them and invite to join you for a cup? You will be able to see that a lot in Dubrovnik, and some of the best places to grab your own cup of coffee, sit back and relax with a view are: Zenith bar at Kompas Hotel, Gradska Kavana – main old towns café, Buža bar at the rocks outside city walls but inside the Old Town – the best place to enjoy sunset! These are 3 of our favourite places, feel free to steal them from us and maybe even take some amazing pictures while you are there!
3. Mountain Srđ
On the mountain Srđ there are couple of things to do. It is on our list as you can take a cable car that is just above the Old Towns entrance called Buža, which is an experience by itself, and end up with the whole Old Town in the palm of your hand! The ride with a cable car lasts about 10 minutes and you are the top of the mountain with a truly mesmerizing view. There is a restaurant Panorama up the hill to grab lunch (watch for the prices), or just some refreshment. After which you can hop on a buggy that stationed just next to the restaurant and safari the mountain to catch even better views. Once coming back to the main point you will be able to visit the Fort Imperial and the exhibition of Homeland War in Dubrovnik. In one day you have managed to ride a cable car, eat/drink with Dubrovnik Old Town beneath your feet, drive a buggy on the mountain and even get to know the war history.

rsz img 72472. Guided Tours

Be picky! You will be paying for the tour so be picky on what you want to know a bit more. Old Town by itself you can walk around with a map and explore a lot by yourself with no guide. However if you do not want those ‘classic’ tours that would guide to through the Old Town, tell you all about the history and years, etc.. Take one of ours, not because they are ours ( it certainly helps ;) ) but because we will show you Dubrovnik in a different way. Weather you wish to get to know the dark years of Dubrovnik or maybe you are a GoT fan, we highly recommend you take a different type of guided tour and get to know the town on a unique way.

1. Feasting on..
Not to worry, we did not forget about the food. In this post we will let you know the best places to superb eating in Dubrovnik. Hm.. not really Dubrovnik the town, but a bit further from the town itself. Pelješac peninsula. We know you have read and maybe even heard about a lot of excursions going that way, however let us show you our version of the experience. First of all you will be eating, then drinking, then eating again, maybe some swimming, but again do not forget to eat and maybe drink! This is the best, you hop in the car we send for you, you sit back for an hour and then your driver/guide makes all the plans WITH you. There is nothing fixed in our tours, so once you get in a car you will get a suggestion for the day ahead, but feel free to make other arrangements on spot for your satisfaction.
Dubrovnik can offer a lot more that is shown to the world, keep reading our blog and taking suggestions, even picking a tour with us and you will feel like a local upon arrival. Oh yes, we almost forgot, if you have any questions or just want to leave us a comment on something you would like us to talk a bit more in our blogs.. well type away! We are waiting.

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