Hour of Zumba in Dubrovnik

Move your body with Zumba sound Move your body with Zumba sound

Welcome to Zumba Fortuna Dubrovnik class!

There are some places you visit, that you love...the people, the places, the food, the culture. And then there are those places that leave a mark on your heart. That can be this unique Zumba class.
What Zumba Class look like and what will be your memorable part of a Zumba? Music of course!Hour of Zumba in Dubrovnik

There were so many different rhythms from different countries, each rhythm has specific steps and way that you danced to it. You will fall in love with the way it feels to be transported to all of these different places within this one-hour class! When the music start, you’ll get a glimpse into these different cultures, and understand more about who they were! 

All of that will become a part of You. With an amazing Zumba Instructor, or in other words: a Travel Agent/Flight Attendant/Tour Guide all in once. Taking participants on a world tour to exotic destinations, all in an hour, every week, and all with no passport!

All you need to do is let us know that you wish to participate and we'll organize everything for you!
Get ready, bring your bottle of water, dress code is the workout clothes you'd regularly do your workouts in and let's dance!

Hour of Zumba in Dubrovnik

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