Inside the serial GoT on the Lokrum island

Get inside the serial GoT on the Lokrum island Get inside the serial GoT on the Lokrum island

This is the best experience for all GOT fans and the once who are yet to become one!

Let’s start from the beginning although we are so excited to present this day as it is a true gem. Inside the serial GoT on the Lokrum islandIt all starts at the Pile gate, the guide will take you to the spot where you will see Red Keep from the serial. Right beneath it you will listen to instructions from your guide about the whole route you will be taking, special signs you will use and see the vessel you will be until the next destination.

Paddling your way at the open sea but beneath the massive walls of the GOT kingdom, you will arrive to King’s landing or the island Lokrum. One of the most famous spots where filming was taking place. The island itself is very interesting for all the legends it holds, monastery, botanical gardens, Dead sea and all the other secret hidden places it preserves. Once you get there you will be able to catch a breath and drink some water + have a snack to regain energy.

Inside the serial GoT on the Lokrum islandGather your strength for your next quest, which is a little bit of hiking until you get to the spot. All along the guide will explain everything with pictures that show where all the locations were. Listen and feel how you dive into the whole Game of Thrones world! Oh, did we mention you will be able to sit on an ‘’Iron Throne’’? Not to get your hopes up, it is a replica of course, however the feeling once you take your seat and grab a sword it worth everything! Betina cave which is just across the island itself is on your route as well. Now, once going back, the rhythm of the paddling will be slower for you to be able to listen to the stories left to be the sugar at the end.

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