Foodie tour in Ston town

Tasting food tradition Tasting food tradition

Visit the town of Ston, famous for its longest preserved defense wall in the world, then taste oysters fresh from the sea in the family household, continue your journey through Pelješac peninsula to explore its beauties! Like what you have read so far? Keep reading, or better yet, ask directly and let yourself be driven into the unknown foodie lover day!

Your day will begin with a stop at family house in a small village just outside of Dubrovnik where you'll be able to grab oysters directly from the sea at the oyster farm, open it and taste it. Let us show you how to pick the best and the largest mussels and how to separate the smaller ones in a rural household.

Foodie tour in Ston town

Next stop will be in the town of Ston, famous for its walls, but not only for the 40 minutes walkable walls which we dare you to climb. Ston is also the oldest active saltworks in the world, still remained working by the tradition and natural ways of production, it is a must to visit.

Foodie tour in Ston town

Lunch will be at a family ranch where you will be welcomed with homemade brandies, just enough before the lunch itself, trust us, you will want to be hungry for this!  Do not think you will get a menu and then pick what you want to eat. Sorry, but here you will have a list of fresh seafood to pick from.

After this overwhelming foodie day prepare to sit comfortably in your private vehicle for a day and listen to your driver telling you all kind of stories related to the Pelješac peninsula, Ston town and anything else you wish to know.

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