The plan is..

Don't call it a dream, call it a plan! 

Our plan is to make your vacay easier and carefree. Weather your arrival is for an occasion or just for fun, or you still do not have a plan but want to make it along the way, well.. that is why we are here.

Ever since our beginning in this business, we worked hard to get to the point where we are now, with various services that we provide.
We will give You the service, performance and experience which You are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Why are we different from any other agency?
First of all, we are friends and treat our 'clients' as our new friends as well, secondly we WILL give you all the inside tips as the goal is for you to fall in love with Dubrovnik and surroundings and third but not the last one (if we continue the list, this will become a small blog, and for that we have our own blog) we love surprising our friends with new adventures, places and things they didn't even know exist and/or are possible.

We are still learning and growing every day, doing our best to surprise you with all the different choices locals provide and are not the 'usual' types of excursions, adventures, etc.

Want to be surprised as well? Or just want some questions answered?
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Our dream from the start is to make your vacation just as we would for our selfs, only the best, mostly local and different in any way!

It's time to get away!

The plan is..

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