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View from the St. Jacob's beach to the Old Town Dubrovnik View from the St. Jacob's beach to the Old Town Dubrovnik

Don't call it a dream, call it a plan and let us make it for you! 

Dear wanderer,

From when I was a child born in Croatia, everything I wanted to do was travel; travel often and travel further. Luckily, I have out of this world amazing parents, who recognized the desire and encouraged it. Our international travels begin with far remote country of Cuba, which I just fell in love with. What astonished me the most were the locals. We’ve spend a lot of time just mingling with the locals and exploring off the beaten paths of the island suggested by .. you’ve guessed it – locals! For our next journey I was well prepared to help organizing the whole 30-day itinerary from Croatia to Bali, Indonesia inspired only by the local tips. That’s where the love for creating dream holidays began.

Throughout the years I’ve been traveling far and wide to different parts of the world and the most remoted places. I’ve fallen in love with people, places, making experiences, but kept coming back to Croatia. Between the international travels I explored all of the Croatia’s corners and understood why I’m not willing to move anywhere else. In such a small country as Croatia you can find nature wanders, cultural diversities, heritage landmarks, exquisite food and the most welcoming and kind people.

Ever since my beginning in this business, I’ve worked hard to get to the point where I am now, with various experiences that CEC provides. We will give You the service, performance and experience which You are unlikely to find anywhere else. Personalized holidays created around your desires and needs allows us to make your perfect itinerary. Choosing ultimate experiences, luxury transportation vehicles, mingling with local guides, getting to know Croats all the while you are enjoying your unique once-in-a-lifetime holiday is our goal.

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Ready to see Croatia through my eyes?

Managing Director CEC

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