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Anyone for a run in the Old Town?

Combine your two favourite things and run through the amazing city of Dubrovnik!Discover Dubrovnik running

You do not need to have sport lifestyle to give this run a chance, the pace is slow. Start is from the Pile gate, the main entrance to the Old Town Dubrovnik, together with your running leader who is your guide on this day as well.

Upon entering the Old town, you'll make your way thorugh narrow Dubrovnik streets and lot of hidden spots only a local would know. The tour starts early in the morning in that way you will be able to soak up the early morning rays of sun and capture amazing pictures, which will take away your breath even more than running itself.

Be careful here as in the morning there will be a lot of coffee bars and restaurants just opening and the stone may be slippery. But what's a run without a little adventure? The whole run takes around 2 hours, and you will run 4.3 miles all together. You are in luck as your guide is also born and raised in Dubrovnik so it will be exactly like running with your local friend but in a different city + learning about all the stories this town hides.

Now run and get your outfit, bottle of water and to the start point – which is a few clicks away.

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