Day of tradition in Čilipi village

Day of tradition Day of tradition

Just to get on the same page, once you're traveling you love to learn more about traditions of the place you're visiting right? Then this is the experience you must take!
Čilipi is a village mostly known for the Dubrovnik airport, however it has a lot more to offer. This area is all about showcasing countryside, the backbone of the history of Dubrovnik with its intricate and unique cultural heritage. 
This tour operates only on Sundays, so watch out during Saturday night (it will not be very early in the morning) and provides you with a peek into the lives of people from the countryside and its typical rural architecture.

Konavle Ethnographic Museum offers a walk through the households of Konavle with all the objects of daily use, silk production and embroidery traditions, the jewelry the area is known for, with costumes of the groom and the bride hanging from the closet. Walk around this household made to be a museum with your guide for the day, who will be more than happy to explain in more detail everything you'll be looking at.

Day of tradition in Čilipi village

We're coming to the highlight of this day - traditional folklore dancing performance. (if you click on the link in orange you'll get a glimpse) Other than impressive dance moves and harmonies, you will get to admire the folklore costumes up close. 

When this magical performance finish, lunch is in order! Not a regular restaurant, but one at the old mill where you will try homemade food prepared in a particular way in this region for centuries. Now, it's your turn to try meat under the bell pared with local wine and all that while sitting just a few centimeters above the river Ljuta in Konavle. 

What do you say about this Sunday? #sundaywellspend

Day of tradition in Čilipi village


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