Conquering King's Landing - Dubrovnik

Conquering King's Landing - Dubrovnik
Seems a bit impossible as it is a serial, however we make it possible in this day’s tour.
Several different filming locations and island Lokrum, ups, sorry, and the city of "Qarth". Get inside Martin's world and experience why producers picked Dubrovnik and the surroundings to make this one of the seven kingdoms!

We will not tell you everything, but just enough to get you interested.. you will LOVE the surprises.
Your day will start in King's Landing entrance, where you will meet your guide who will then show you Blackwater Bay. After which you will be taken to the top of the Red Keep staircase to take amazing pictures over the Narrow Sea. Short time after these few legendary photos you will be able to take, the guide will walk with you to the most momentous places in the whole serial. Yes! You've guessed it right - Cersei's Walk of Shame staircase.. !

Conquering King's Landing - Dubrovnik

Next will be a short boat ride to the Daeneerys's shelter – city Qarth. Where you will truly be part of the serial. 
Are you ready to dress up as Cersei or maybe Mother of Dragons, or some other favourite character? You will get a chance to be someone from the popular GoT serial. The last but not least part of this tour – Iron Throne!! Get ready to be hated by all your friends upon returning and showing the pictures.

Your tour for the day is done but as you have become the ruler, feel free to take some time for the part to sink in. After which you will need to return to being 'just a regular person', who gets a chance to enjoy all the beauties Lokrum Island offers to its visitors! So transform back to yourself in swimming suit and jump of the cliffs into the crystal clear sea.
You will HAVE to opt for this tour because that is the only way to see what else is prepared for you!

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