Cave & olm exploring Vjetrenica

Cave exploring Cave exploring

Are you focusing on the cave or on the way out?

This day trip will take you to the largest cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Vjetrenica. We'll pass a few villages before we cross the border. Don't forget your passports for this one!
Believe it or not, Vjetrenica is the richest cave in the world when it comes to biodiversity, there are about 200 subterranean species recorded there. A lot of them are endemic and can only be found there. You'll get to explore the cave with a local guide who can tell you all about it as well as the reason behind its name – the Windy cave. Once you enter, you will get a feeling like you are on another planet.

Cave & olm exploring VjetrenicaThe first fifty feet is a little low, but once passing that, you entered the world of fairy tale. At first glance everything is still, but then you hear a drop of water that builds these amazing stalactites and stalagmite! The visit for guests last about an hour, and it is quite an escape from the outside heats as the temperature during the summer time gets to 11 Celsius. Take a step few centuries back and connect with the beginnings.
Did you know that in Vjetrenica cave you are able to see live olm (proteus anguinus)? It is kept in a small natural lake and an attraction!

Once finished with your tour, you are ready for some lunch time. In a traditional tavern not too far from the cave you will be able to enjoy in one of the best homemade food in the region. All fed up and ready to go? Our driver awaits, buckle up, sit back and look at the view on your way back.

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