Buggy & cable car ride on Srđ mountain

Buggy safari and cable car ride Buggy safari and cable car ride

And so.. buggy adventure begins! We'll take you to the bottom of the cable car (just above the Old Town) where we'll provide you with tickets. You will then take the cable car for a few minutes to get to the top of hill Srđ and admire the most beautiful view there is in Dubrovnik. You can have a stop for a coffee as it's quite peaceful up on the mountain in the morning. 

And then for something not so peaceful, we're going for a buggy safari ride!
Our professional guides will show you everything and escort you the whole way through + provide you with adrenaline rush. On one side you'll have the view of the Adriatic Sea and the islands, and on the other side the mountainous part with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Once you have a seat in the vehicle which is for 3 persons as the fourth place is for the driver, buckle up and hold on. The driver is the one to drive you for one reason only - to give you a true adrenaline ride you wouldn't dare otherwise. Just look at the photo below.

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Buggy & cable car ride on Srđ mountain

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