Boat cruise to island Šipan

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Boat cruise to island Šipan

Prepare yourself to board a boat that will set sail to the island of Šipan, the biggest of three Elafiti islands. 

Island Šipan used to be favorite place for Dubrovnik aristocracy to get away from the towns crowd with their vacation homes situated on the island.

Island is a Mediterranean oasis that has preserved the vegetation, rocky shore and aristocrat residences over the years.
On the island famous family Skočibuha spend their vacations in the 16th century, visit one of their two renaissance palaces where local guide will greet you with homemade brandy and lots of stories about the family while walking you through the halls of this aristocrat family. See for yourself how they lived, what kind of palace they had for a vacation home. Inside the residence there are still unique belongings from the family. Believe us after this visit and after hearing these stories, you'll want to be treated like that family was during the Dubrovnik Republic.

But who's to say you won't be treated similar during the afternoon?

After this history visit, it will be lunch, swim, relax and unwind time!

Aristocracy island ŠipanThe place you'll be having lunch is actually on the sea, yes, like literally on the sea. Your table will wait In one of several wooden bungalows along with sunbeds and access to the sea - just jump of any side of the bungalow. The restaurant itself is secluded and reachable only by boat! Now, the time has come to relax, forget about the world, your problems and worries and let the stress float away with the sounds of the waves.

Your private bungalow is waiting..


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