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Panoramic photo experience anyone?

Want to see all the best places while in Dubrovnik but do not want to spend whole day doing that?
WELL HELLO! We will reveal the best and easiest options to do a panoramic ride in Dubrovnik and to get all the best pictures, while meeting the town.

For now the famous cable car of Dubrovnik that goes from spot just above the Old Town up to the peak of mountain Srđ is not operating.
No worries guys, we will take you to the best place to have 'holding the city in your hand' picture, so you can have one like that as well.
View from Srd mountainThat is just one of the few memorable places we will take you and you will spend only half of your day.

The other half, we sincerely hope you will use wisely, if not sure, we can give you some tips. One of our other stops will be the view above river Ombla.
No, there is no Old Town view on this spot, however just look at the picture!

views of marina

Don't you want one with you in it? This amazing, not that explored part of town is a bit further from the centre itself, and our driver who is also your guide for the day, will gladly explain every little piece of your journey with him. 

One of the spots is Dr. Franjo Tuđman's bridge. Why is that so special you think? JUST LOOK.

dubrovnik bridgeNow, imagine you standing at that place and overlooking the whole new part of Dubrovnik. Area called Gruž and Lapad, all the greenery, little houses with red rooftops, beaches, boats, harbour...
And then....! No! Did you really think we would reveal everything? Come on peeps, you need to get interested for us to show you a bit more. So all that is left to do is – ask us! We might even let you know all the spots, however you will never know, unless.. YES! Contact form is here for that!

Almost forgot, for all of you who have already been to this half day experience, do not hesitate to send us your best pic!
Depending on creativity in the photo, we might post you on our social media and you might get a little present on your next experience with us. Don't you want to know what you can get?
Who doesn't like free stuff, especially when it is a present? 

Until next post.
With love, Creative Events Croatia

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5 Dubrovnik historical travel tips

Good day to you all!
In this post we will continue our list (as promised) of local travel tips we suggest to know before getting to Dubrovnik. We will talk about historical monuments and why Dubrovnik is called the ''Pearl of Adriatic'', why is this part of Croatia so interesting, etc.. Not to worry, like any of our blogs, this will not be boring and dull but we will revile something you might did not know. Let's get started again from the bottom to the top, because.. well.. why do we need to be normal and 'in order' right?

Great number 5. Prevlaka peninsula – We are going back to Dubrovnik Republic, to June 24th 1419 to be exact. 

prevlaka peninsula

On this date smart mercantilist of Dubrovnik purchased eastern part of Konavle, which included Prevlaka peninsula. This was and still is a strategic point due to its location, shape and fishing grounds that surround it. After the great fortress was built on the suggestion of an officer in the Austrian Army, Lazar Mamul it got even bigger meaning. Years has passed and Yugoslav Army were this peninsula next keepers. They have built a military base (the whole complex still stands), and underground passages all over peninsula that has been hidden from the public eye for over 50 years. Its next inhabitants were United Nations Observer Movement for several years, up until 2002 – not that long ago right? From that point on Prevlaka became a park for everyone to visit. The original idea of Prevlaka becoming a tourist park did not live up, however now we have the whole complex and park of peninsula with the fortress that overlooks Montenegro to explore! The only inhabitants now are travellers who are keen to discover secrets this place holds!

Number 4. Lazareti quarantine – Dubrovnik Old Town has two main entrances; Ploče gate and Pile gate, there is a third one at Buža and the only one left is from the sea to the Old Harbour. No, this is not a history class nor a questioner, just a little introduction so you get a real feel of the location. Once you are at the east point of the Old Town you are at Ploče area, the centre of commercial caravans and travellers from Ottoman Empire! Dubrovnik republic as a state who traded goods with countries all over the Asia, Europe and Mediterranean Sea found itself in unenviable situation between 14 and 18 century. All different kinds of epidemics were bursting almost everywhere, so people who lived in Dubrovnik (very smart again), decided to preserve themselves by making a quarantine. Lazareti were the perfect spot, just at the entrance to the Old Town by land and just by sea. This nautical monument has become a place where mercantilist and their goods were first checked for any diseases, and in a way that for 14 days people with their manufactured goods were in one of the ‘’houses’’. After the tests, their good would either be burned (if infected) or allowed to pass. Lazareti holds up to this day so many untold stories and are a true monument to Dubrovnik.

Moving on to number 3. Korčula Island – This is a must if you are in Dubrovnik area! A definite must to visit, and we are taking you there – discover Korcula. Now, we will not get that much into history as Korčula island's history goes back to 3RD-2ND MILLENIUM B.C. YES – B.C. ! Little piece of ''newer'' history goes from island origin of the name, which was Korkyra named by the founders of the main settlement on it – Dorani, from the Greek town. Adjective 'melain' which means black was added to the name to distinguee the island from the homonymous island of Corfu in Greece. The location of the town of Korčula gives its owners control over the narrower part of the channel that is an important maritime road. Hop with us many years up front to the August 15th 1571, when the great battle for Korčula was held. This is the date Korčulans are very proud of, as big Turkish naval squadron were up to attack and conquer Korcula and Venetian duke with his mercenary military crew (who lived and ruled over the island) fled back home. Leaving people from Korčula to defend their legacy, who were ready for victory by the priest who made them prepare. Oh, yes, you are probably thinking – what about Marco Polo? The history of the whole island is so much more, however if you decide on taking this day trip, you will hear about his enormous ransom that got him free from the prison Venetians put him in.

Number 2.. we are getting closer – Island Lokrum – yet another island on our list and we did not even mention all the others that surround Dubrovnik area. Don't get sad, we will.. eventually, but you need to keep reading to stay up to date! It was proclaimed a Special Forest Vegetation Reserve under protection of UNESCO. History of the island is a bit scary and unclear. For this one we will not tell you much as we do want to get you to go to this cursed island and get a chill from your local guide while listening to every piece of secrets held. Benedictine monastery and priests who lived there were the original owners of the island, they did so much for the island and the greenery, pathways you see today. After their centennial stay the island was sold for the first time to rich people from Dubrovnik Republic. Legend says no other owner of the island after the Benedictine priests.. will not end up good. We told you we will not tell you any details, you need to experience this trust us. After them lots of different owners of the island built gardens, fortresses, pathways, reserves, residences, towers, churches and so on.. Some of them (and each of them has a legend connected to the island) are ; Maximilian of Habsburg and Richard the Lion Heart.

Lokrum island

Number 1 is here!! And of course our Old Town holds that place! Let’s start with the massive city walls that surround the old town. The walls do not have the same width, length, nor thickness at any part. And are a strategic point of keeping the inhabitants safe! We stroll on to Stradun – Main Street, the connection between two ancient settlements that now make our Dubrovnik. On each end of this street you will see fountains and bell towers, and it is a connection to both entrances to the Old Town itself. Moving on to St. Blaise church which was dedicated to Dubrovnik’s protector, who’s by the way carved monument you are able to see everywhere around the town. There is also a cathedral, different small churches, aquarium, Jewish street and part of town where they used to live, all the small squared and narrow streets, Rector’s palace, and… oh yes! Get the tour and find out! :)

old town dubrovnik

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Conquering King's Landing - Dubrovnik

Conquering King's Landing - Dubrovnik
Seems a bit impossible as it is a serial, however we make it possible in this day’s tour.
Several different filming locations and island Lokrum, ups, sorry, and the city of "Qarth". Get inside Martin's world and experience why producers picked Dubrovnik and the surroundings to make this one of the seven kingdoms!

We will not tell you everything, but just enough to get you interested.. you will LOVE the surprises.
Your day will start in King's Landing entrance, where you will meet your guide who will then show you Blackwater Bay. After which you will be taken to the top of the Red Keep staircase to take amazing pictures over the Narrow Sea. Short time after these few legendary photos you will be able to take, the guide will walk with you to the most momentous places in the whole serial. Yes! You've guessed it right - Cersei's Walk of Shame staircase.. !

Conquering King's Landing - Dubrovnik

Next will be a short boat ride to the Daeneerys's shelter – city Qarth. Where you will truly be part of the serial. 
Are you ready to dress up as Cersei or maybe Mother of Dragons, or some other favourite character? You will get a chance to be someone from the popular GoT serial. The last but not least part of this tour – Iron Throne!! Get ready to be hated by all your friends upon returning and showing the pictures.

Your tour for the day is done but as you have become the ruler, feel free to take some time for the part to sink in. After which you will need to return to being 'just a regular person', who gets a chance to enjoy all the beauties Lokrum Island offers to its visitors! So transform back to yourself in swimming suit and jump of the cliffs into the crystal clear sea.
You will HAVE to opt for this tour because that is the only way to see what else is prepared for you!

Tuesday, 09 April 2019 14:24

Under protection of St.Blaise

How about becoming a citizen of Dubrovnik republic?

Under protection of St.BlaiseWell, you can give it a try in 60 minutes of pure fun and mystery!
Step inside escape room and try to be as clever and as shrewd as people who lived at that time were. Find all the hidden clues and get yourself out of the room(s) as quickly as you can.
Along the way you will learn about the protector of Dubrovnik republic and its citizens – St. Blaise, and all the other great icons from that time.

Gather your team and start finding your way out because we will not reveal anything else!

P.S. Try not to get trapped!

Under protection of St.Blaise

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Opening Event

Opening event!

Oh, hi everyone! We are so excited and happy to show you how our opening ‘’event’’ – party went. Also how we can make an event for you too.. from the picking the best location, to the guest list, invitations, accreditations, to the smallest details! We took care of everything and all that in less than one month planning :D

We started with picking the theme.. Eventually decided to host this event one day prior to the Valentine’s Day. Why? Well it was Wednesday and as we do everything different so we did this event as well, to meet Valentine’s Day and to have a drink with all our business partners and friends.
cocktail nightOnce the theme was picked, we were in a search for the best location, and what better than one and only Love bar in Dubrovnik!
They were so kind and generous to help us with every change that popped to our mind.

acreditationNow we got 2 major things set and arranged, we throw ourselves on marketing side of it all. Invitation + accreditation we have imagined as a small gift for every guest. After a couple of days and more or less 100 different types of invitations we finally got the product we fell in love with and send it to already prepared list of guests.
What do you think?
preparation of eventDetails
All that is left is to set it all up and wait for the big day! We arranged our own cocktail master to mix two signature cocktails, one was CCC (well of course Creative Cocktail Croatia) and the other one for the kind team of Love Bar. As you can imagine everyone was around the cocktail desk wanted to get the next round as soon as possible also to hear lots of interesting stories our guest host for the night had to tell.
little detailsThere was even a surprise cake at the end!

surprise cake

*Not to worry you will have a surprise as well, everything we do – we do with a little sparkle, surprise and twist! On each event we hosted there was just a small gesture of love from us!

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Hello everyone and welcome to Creative Events Croatia first blog post! HOORAY!
Let's leave 2018 behind us and step into 2019 with a new destination on mind for your vacation. They say it's about a journey and not about a destination, well.. we would not completely agree, the destination can be special with so many things to do and to experience too. Forget those clichéd resolutions like ‘going to the gym more’, ‘eating less’, ‘becoming a morning person’, etc…You’re yourself travel goals for the year. Choose new travel resolutions like ‘visit a place I’ve never been before’, ‘experience different adventure’, ‘learn ancient traditions’, etc..
It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going. – Brian Tracy
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We live in globalized 21th Century, where more and more cultures are becoming similar. Everywhere around the world you can see people having the same stuff, the same iPhones, drive the same cars, and wear the same brands of clothes. This type of globalization makes lots of advantages, but also presents new threats of losing ancient traditions. That's why we invite you to explore Dubrovnik's hidden gems and indulge yourself in new kind of adventure.

‘But first let me take a selfie!’ Oh, just don’t, there will be plenty of time for taking pictures, first make a decision to visit Croatia and Dubrovnik among other places. Don’t travel like it’s a task to do. It is your holiday, try to be more spontaneous this time around and let us make the plans for you. You will not be bored and your vacation will be much more fun that we assure you! Taste the culture, cuisine and collect memories by participating in local experiences. Explore those hidden bays, learn to prepare your own traditional dish to show off among friends and family back home. And by the way visit the most admirable city in the world.

Kick-start this year with some offbeat adventure and a lot of fun! Test CEC with your quest and unwind secrets of Dubrovnik area. We are here to create special and memorable event in your life!

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5 Dubrovnik Local Travel Tips

Hi peeps! Once you start making plans for your vacation, you know how you wish to use all the time you have for everything you want to see, do and experience? If you stop and think about it, a lot of us just wishes they have some local ‘guidance’ regarding the destination. Well.. HERE WE ARE!
With 5 tips every two weeks on our blog site we will give you the best local guide tips on Dubrovnik. And we mean everything, from activities, sightseeing, local cuisine, things you shouldn’t forget and things you should definitely try!
Let’s start from the bottom up:
5. Beach, sun, sea
Number 5 goes to the beaches in Dubrovnik. Well of course, once you are on your vacation during the summer time it is kind of expected you will be spending your days at the beach. As Dubrovnik offers a lot of different beaches, depending on your desires, from cool – party beaches, relaxation beaches, mesmerising view beaches or even island beaches.. We will suggest our (not so crowded) best beaches in couple of ‘’categories’’. First of all Lokrum island with St. Jacobs beach, that is called a day well spend, however prepare for paddling, not to worry it will still be worth it. Pasjaca beach is the next one on our list, hop on the boat and relax for a day. Third is one of our favourite… drums rolling… drinking day at the sea, click on the link as we will not discover any more.

Lopud island coffee

4. Drinking coffee
This might seem a bit foolish, however ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ and this is something locals adore ‘’doing’’. Grab a coffee, sit somewhere with a view, and drink coffee for hours and you got it! We are a very laid back nation so mostly all the business meetings, gossiping, making any kind of plans, reading, sometimes even working.. We do it all with a cup of coffee and a restaurant or bar with a view. How else will anyone see all the people to gossip about, but still to greet them and invite to join you for a cup? You will be able to see that a lot in Dubrovnik, and some of the best places to grab your own cup of coffee, sit back and relax with a view are: Zenith bar at Kompas Hotel, Gradska Kavana – main old towns café, Buža bar at the rocks outside city walls but inside the Old Town – the best place to enjoy sunset! These are 3 of our favourite places, feel free to steal them from us and maybe even take some amazing pictures while you are there!
3. Mountain Srđ
On the mountain Srđ there are couple of things to do. It is on our list as you can take a cable car that is just above the Old Towns entrance called Buža, which is an experience by itself, and end up with the whole Old Town in the palm of your hand! The ride with a cable car lasts about 10 minutes and you are the top of the mountain with a truly mesmerizing view. There is a restaurant Panorama up the hill to grab lunch (watch for the prices), or just some refreshment. After which you can hop on a buggy that stationed just next to the restaurant and safari the mountain to catch even better views. Once coming back to the main point you will be able to visit the Fort Imperial and the exhibition of Homeland War in Dubrovnik. In one day you have managed to ride a cable car, eat/drink with Dubrovnik Old Town beneath your feet, drive a buggy on the mountain and even get to know the war history.

rsz img 72472. Guided Tours

Be picky! You will be paying for the tour so be picky on what you want to know a bit more. Old Town by itself you can walk around with a map and explore a lot by yourself with no guide. However if you do not want those ‘classic’ tours that would guide to through the Old Town, tell you all about the history and years, etc.. Take one of ours, not because they are ours ( it certainly helps ;) ) but because we will show you Dubrovnik in a different way. Weather you wish to get to know the dark years of Dubrovnik or maybe you are a GoT fan, we highly recommend you take a different type of guided tour and get to know the town on a unique way.

1. Feasting on..
Not to worry, we did not forget about the food. In this post we will let you know the best places to superb eating in Dubrovnik. Hm.. not really Dubrovnik the town, but a bit further from the town itself. Pelješac peninsula. We know you have read and maybe even heard about a lot of excursions going that way, however let us show you our version of the experience. First of all you will be eating, then drinking, then eating again, maybe some swimming, but again do not forget to eat and maybe drink! This is the best, you hop in the car we send for you, you sit back for an hour and then your driver/guide makes all the plans WITH you. There is nothing fixed in our tours, so once you get in a car you will get a suggestion for the day ahead, but feel free to make other arrangements on spot for your satisfaction.
Dubrovnik can offer a lot more that is shown to the world, keep reading our blog and taking suggestions, even picking a tour with us and you will feel like a local upon arrival. Oh yes, we almost forgot, if you have any questions or just want to leave us a comment on something you would like us to talk a bit more in our blogs.. well type away! We are waiting.

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Uncover Hvar island

If it requires a bikini, the answer is YES! Get on board your desired boat, meet your captain for the day and start sunbathing, ups, sorry – sailing.

There are so many things why people visit Hvar Island, we pointed you out 5 of the best;

Uncover Hvar island

  • The sunniest of them all! Yes, this is actually correct, Hvar Island has 349 DAYS, yes days, of sun! You do the math.
  • Party island as lot of our guests like to call it. This island party's day and night during the summer time, in certain places. No worries, if that is the reason of opting for this day, the captain will be happy to take you directly to best spots!
  • Moving on to history - the oldest town in Croatia, Stari Grad (Eng. Old Town – imagine that!), where the Greeks settled from 384BC. There is a museum that still holds remains of their time.
  • Robinson’s Beach, called by the restaurant at the same spot, there is no electricity nor water, but everything on the ‘menu’ is fresh. You will know that as the menu like you see in any other restaurant does not exist, only fresh ingredients the owner collected that day. Place your order, take a swim at the beach and the owner will let you know once finished. 

Uncover Hvar island

  • Hvar is an island with lots of smaller islands near it. As you are sailing with a boat, explore the most you can while off shore. Pakleni islands are very close to Hvar and are very popular but not habitant. You will be able to pick your own secluded beach with no one else around. Eng. Hell’s Islands spread in length of 10 kilometers so there will be no problem finding your perfect place.

Among all other things, climb up at the top of Hvar’s fortress, where you will be overlooking most of Pakleni islands and whole Old Town - just imagine the picture. Don't waste another minute, be fast to book your Hvar adventure, grab your swimming suits and get off the grid!

Uncover Hvar island

Wednesday, 13 March 2019 16:04

Mljet the greenest island

Ahoy, all you little captains!

Mljet – Odyssey’s island

This island is amazing for its marine life, two salted lakes, monastery, famous red and white wine, goat cheese, island in a lake, national park and it's rightfully called the greenest islands of the Adriatic. With all said, we have just scratched the top of the things to do and see while on the island. 

Mljet swimming timeIt is one of the largest islands on Adriatic coast and Mediterranean forest covers the whole island. Two lakes mentioned before are Veliko (Eng. Big) and Malo (Eng. Small) lakes are best places for a swim! St. Mary's island is the one mentioned in the middle of the Veliko jezero with the one of the oldest Adriatic churches and Benedictine monastery. It is located in the National Park part of the island which is a must to visit. Island Mljet offers numerous pebble beaches and spots to explore the depth. So, grab your snorkeling gear from the boat and dive in!

Stop reading now because we will not reveal any more information nor stories that surround the island. The next thing you need to do is click that 'ask a question' button so that we can let you know when you'll be going to visit island Mljet!

“Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle

Wednesday, 13 March 2019 15:17

Korčula island by boat

Following Marco Polo steps to Korčula

Have you heard of Marco Polo? Korčula Island is allegedly birthplace of this famous adventurer. As matter of fact, there is a Marco Polo birth house on the island. Although the birth place is not verified we know for sure that he did actually spend quite some time on the island, if not by birth than by being a prisoner in Venetian and Genovese naval battle. On the island we'll arrange a guide who will be happy to explain all the little details about the island, town and Marco Polo in a one-hour walk.

Korčula Island offers a lot; from adventures such as buggies you can take and then follow the route across the island to mesmerizing beaches and caves to the best world awarded wine! Locals from the island have been making some amazing wine through the years and perfected in white wine - Pošip sort.


Do not miss to try it, also you will get tipsy very fast – it is strong, and what better way to explore the surroundings? Just kidding, although it depends solely on you.

Korčula island by boat

The town of Korčula is amazing, little Dubrovnik as some like to call it.

Following Marco Polo steps to Korčula

Its massive walls and tower will not disappoint + all the stories the town holds are just enough teasers for taking this boat trip. 

Do you want to take our word on this or experience it by yourself and figure out why it's one of the most popular Croatian islands to visit? 
Just wait till you see two medieval city gates, one from the seaside and one from the land, both will leave you speechless. Walking into the fishbone perfectly aligned streets and listening to the guide who'll explain what the fishbone structure is all about is reason enough for taking the sail!

Tip: the best places for photos!
Hop on board and enjoy Korčula island and town for a day, it will be worth it as this is the fastest and best way to visit the island from Dubrovnik for 1 day.

By the end of it you will get to visit an island + explore and learn about the history + have a memorable boat day + swimm and snorkel in the Adriatic!


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