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Be a local

Hi guys! In this blog post we decided to let you in on a little secret... 

..... Drum roll sound ........

We'll give you all the dates, locations and types of events lots of locals attend during the July/August. Dubrovnik as a city has several districts, and almost all have 'their nights' where all the locals that live in the area + all the once that don't, we all gather together at the same place, drink a bit, eat a bit, dance a bit, there is always at least one Croatian singer on the stage, mingle a bit.. and it is always so much fun!
Now don't think too much and keep reading;

16th of JulyPorporela night – you know that Old Port inside the Old Town? Well walk up to the lighthouse, walk towards the music, you won't be able to miss it! The programme starts at 21:00 pm, a rich selection of food and drinks, good music, prize games, and lottery for humanitarian purposes, also the inauguration of the new-born Duke of Porporela.
27th of JulyMontovjerna night – a district that up until this year didn't have ''it's night'', so they will surely make it worth! A Croatian bend will be preforming, and regarding the exact location for this local event – comment us! ;)
10th of AugustPile gate night – yes, the famous main entrance to the Old Town where you must have been already if you were in the Old Town, has its night. Members of the popular Split group of 3 amazing singers / musicians will entertain everyone the whole evening. P.S. Location for this night is in (now very popular) beach Šulić. Again, just come to the Pile gate, walk down the stairs like you are going to fortress Lovrijenac and then follow the music and the people.
17th of AugustPloče gate night – you guessed it, both entrances to the Old Town have its nights. On this side of the town, there will be one very famous Balkan singer. Location for this event will be at Banje beach. If you don’t know where Banje beach is, walk from the Ploče gates in the way the crowds will go. All jokes aside, it’s easy to find, once at the gates, walk along the coastline and you’ll see the entrance to the Banje beach – the first beach you see is that one!
24th of AugustUvala bay night – Lapad district is a very big one, very green, calm and relaxed one. There are many hotels, however many beaches, parks, promenades and locals enjoying in a cup of coffee by the sea as well. Uvala bay is their main centre for this event, the whole promenade leading to Uvala beach will be filled with people, local food, different kinds of drinks and music from each corner.
31th of AugustGruž night – you know where the main port is? You know where the main bus station is? All located at the Gruž district! The whole car road gets closed and along the way on the right and on the left you can see lots of different booths providing everything from food, drinks, sweets, balloons, etc. The park in the middle is full with children having fun, in every bar there is different music, restaurants have special offers and the main stage where Croatian singer will perform is at the main dock!

Now, if you truly wish to travel and become a local in the destination you are traveling to – what better way?
P.S. No pictures for this post, we're waiting for yours after attending! ;)

Hope to see you at any of mentioned!
Big kisses,
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5 Dubrovnik spots for couple outings

Romantic souls welcome, this one's for you! Grab your special someone and read about the most romantic spots in Dubrovnik to put down on your summer bucket list.

''If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance'' – Bern Williams

We all could agree that summer is the most romantic season of the year. Those long summer nights under the stars, walking on the beaches and listening to the sea waves, salty kisses in the sea and so much more are a recipe for summer love. In this blog post we'll be happy to share with you 5 best romantic spots we love, so without further ado, let's start;

5. Island Lokrum – we have mentioned it in our blog posts several times already, but there is no way of escaping the beauties of this island. It's located just across the Old Town and can be reachable with a short 15 minutes boat ride from the old harbour. Palm trees, pines, cactuses, eucalyptus and agave, botanical garden, peacocks, bunnies, lake, beaches and promenades are the reason this island is called tranquil island among locals. A perfect day trip to reconnect with your loved one.
Dubrovnik city wallsView from the city walls of the island Lokrum and Old Town harbour
4. Mountain Srđ and a cable car ride – take a cable car just above the Old Town that will slowly transfer you to the peak of the mountain Srđ, while you are able to enjoy mesmerizing views of the Old Town's red rooftops and massive city walls. When reaching the top, stop for a minute and soak in the views, memorize the feeling of enjoyment with your special someone on this magical spot. Take a photo together, having the Old Town in the palm of your hand while watching the sunset – postcard from Dubrovnik!
Mountain SrdView from mountain Srđ
3. Sunset walk on the city walls – this one should definitely be on your bucket list, weather you wish to experience it with your loved one or by yourself. Dubrovnik is a romantic city by itself, it does not even need to try. However sunset walk on the massive city walls is just the thing to get your loved – up buzz going. It’s just as wonderful as everyone says, not trying to sound like a brochure, but red rooftops covered with orange sunset sun, your lover and you, overlooking the open sea is a definite smooch – worthy activity.

walk on the city wallsSunset walk on the city walls
2. Lovrijenac fortress and romantic dinner - placed on 37 metre high cliff, one of the oldest monuments in Dubrovnik, also known under the name “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar” because of the big rock under it, it's just the perfect place to go for a quiet walk away from the crowds. Romantic dinner following fort Lovrijenac walk, is set up inside the Old Town at konoba Jezuite. Its location, with romantic, quiet setting and open space area will take your breath away. In the heart of famous Ruđer Bošković square, overlooking the Jezuite church dating back to 1725 year, reachable by Baroque stairs leading from Gundulić square, this gem is hidden. Food & drinks are delicious and all prepared by the old recipes of Dubrovnik fishermen with rich selection of local wines.

Lovrijenac fortressLovrijenac fortresskonoba jezuiteDinner date Konoba Jezuite
1. Buza bar – popularly called ''hole in the wall'', as it is, hole in the city walls that will take you to this most romantic spot in the Old Town. It's a bit of a struggle to find it, however from Konoba Jezuite mentioned before is the easiest way. Take a left from the restaurant, you'll find yourself beneath the city walls, now take a right, look for the sign and follow it. This little private corner is where the most mesmerizing sunset views while drinking a glass of wine will take place. The views are what panorama feature on your phone is made for, trust us.

Buza barBuza bar
~ Love doesn't need to be perfect, it just need to be true. ~
love dubrovnik

With great love we sheared this blog post with all of you our sweet readers,
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70th Dubrovnik summer festival

Have a happy Tuesday everyone and thank you for clicking on yet another one of our blog posts!
Today we prepared one interesting subject for all of you who will be in Dubrovnik from 10th of July up until 25th of August, and all of you who are sorry not to be here during this period. Why you might ask?
Well.. as the title says, between those dates Dubrovnik summer festival is being held on the most famous stages in the city, on the island Lokrum, inside the fortress Lovrijenac, etc.

This year is the most special one as it is 70th festival anniversary!

drama dubrovnik

The grand opening ceremony of Dubrovnik summer festival originated from medieval times, when in order to amuse the citizens of Dubrovnik, travelling actors, troubadours and others were allowed to enter the City. Allowed by who? For that you should visit our Dubrovnik Republic experience and learn some more. In short terms; Dubrovnik had a Rector and he would give the keys of the city to the actors as a symbol they are allowed to entertain the citizens of Dubrovnik. Each and every year on the grand opening ceremony of this magnificent festival, the actors (of today) recreate that symbolic moment and the conversations between Rector and actors.

The opening night is on Stradun for everyone to see, on the 10th of July – do not miss it!
Tip1: the best views on the fireworks that mark the grand opening of the event is best seen from Banje beach (Ploče gate of the Old Town).
Tip2: If you are in Dubrovnik on the 09th of July and find yourself around midnight inside the Old Town, stroll down to Stradun street, you may find the actors reversing.

shakespeare dubrovnikEvery year so many great artists, musicians, writers, choreographers, conductors, directors, and so many more come to Dubrovnik to share this magnificent stage. The programme is being held in several different spots, as mentioned before; fort Lovrijenac, island Lokrum are just one of those, Rectors Palace, open air stages on town's squares and towers, Sponza and St. Blaze Church.
Tickets for this magical events and other theatrical, musical, ballet and events at the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival are sold online exclusively at Dubrovnik Summer Festival Offical Page or at the Festival Box Office at the address: Od Sigurate 1 (Old Town Dubrovnik). The box office is open on a daily basis from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm from 1 July.

If you are in Dubrovnik at this time, or plan to come, or you find yourself somewhere in the close neighbourhood of Dubrovnik – do visit, do check the programme of the festival among almost sixty events you will surely find at least one to experience and the most important thing, do let us know your opinion and comments!

With love,
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5 local interesting curiosities

Friday is here again! We believe there is no need for any introduction after reading the heading so let's dive right into it;

Dubrovnik Orlando statue

1. Measuring unit – Dubrovnik elbow - In metrology, an ancient measuring unit of length is the length of the human arm from the elbow to the tip of the fingers. Its value was changeable at different times, in different places and for different goods. In the old age in Middle Eastern cultures, the elbows were about 40 to 60 cm in length, and in the Middle Ages, elbows were used in the length of about 40 to 80 cm. The Dubrovnik elbow, the legal unit of the length of the Dubrovnik Republic, was determined by the length of the right arm on the sculpture of the knight Orlando, repeated by the length cut into the foot of the Orlando column, 51.2 cm long. 

2. Legend of the maskeron on the facade of the Franciscan monastery - It is certain that by entering the city regularly you will be able to see a smaller or larger group of observers who are waiting to see if a brave soul will managed to jump on the maskeron, stay on it while; pulling off the shirt and again, successfully, standing and shaking on the already sunken and heavily clenched top of a shallow maskeron, put on again.
The procedure or the ritual described was actually the vow of a young man who could not find love. So he vowed to try until he was able to "win" the maskeron for a happy love.

3. Sealed window space is in the ‘Zlatarićeva ulica’’ - inside the Old Town once coming from Pile gate on the right side (3th street on the right). In the 15th century, the birth of extramarital children are growing, so the Council decides to establish a state orphanage. It is called Ospitale della misericordia (Hospital mercy). The adoption of the children into this state orphanage took place in a completely discreet way - the child would lay on the outer half of the wooden plate called the wheel, and it was built into the window of the ground floor, what the orphan officials would do by turning their wheels, introduced a child into the house. That is how the orphan officials could not see who got the baby. Now the window is sealed however you can clearly see outlines.Lady Pi Pi Dubrovnik

4. Church of St. Roko and "Peace with you, remember you will die, you, who are playing with the ball!" graving. This hand-engraved graphite, in Latin, is located on the eastern wall of the modest church of St. Roko and gives it a specialty in child playfulness, from 1597 to the present time. Even today, in Domina Street, after Stradun's largest street in the City, you will meet boys in the ball race playing around. Few centuries ago by the unknown tenant of the building around the street where children played football, decided to put a warning to the church's wall about the short-lived life and the inevitability of death. These words are a repeated even today by at least one of today's tenants to the children as they strike the ball on the wall to disturb the afternoon rest and peace.

5. Lady Pi-Pi statue - In front of this sculpture, the tourists must stop, snap a pic, glimpse in front of their cameras.. The author of a controversial sculpture is Pero Miljkovic, and now it is a statue on the entrance of the homonymous restaurant. The fountain is located in front of the restaurant, and it is a statue of a woman that sits down, legs spread open doing what we all do, pees.

Now, go ahead, find those places and send us your pic! ;)

With love, Creative Events Croatia

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Open sea day!

Summer heats are already up to 35 degrees. Yes, you have read it correctly.
That's why after long consideration on what is the best way to get away from crows of cruise ships, get suntanned but still be able to visit more than 1 beach in a day, and not get tired by walking – we agreed on BOAT DAY
Now, there is so many possibilities, we will let you know all of them so pick by yourself.

hidden caves Adriatic sea

The most popular of course is Elafiti islands day – 3 islands nearby Dubrovnik; Koločep, Lopud & Šipan. On each island you will find different laid back style of life. Sandy beaches on Koločep and Lopud with so much history each island holds. But of course beaches, sun & sea is the reason why most of you guys take this trip, so there is one more little gem on Koločep island called Blue cave.
Now opt for the trip and find out more.

Moving on, Mljet island day trip. A bit further away from Dubrovnik coast, lays Odyssey’s Island. Remember that Greek mythology hero that defeated nymph Calypso? The famous cave where it all happened is at that island! O yes! The island itself has so many beauties like national park within, an island within the island and so much more. Click here and learn more. YES the point being you opt for the day ;)
swimming in the adriatic sea
Korčula island, more further away towards Split. You must of heard about it, for you who did not. This is famous Marco Polo's island. Now, we will not explain who Marco Polo is (preferably you will know that already), but on this island in the town of Korčula you are able to visit the house he allegedly lived in. Also the town of Korčula has its own Old Town, it’s commonly called small Dubrovnik as well. Wine from the island is a whole other story! Which we will not tell you, you must click here, and read about it, and read about it!

The furthest island that we will take you visiting on the way to Split is Hvar island. 
Famous for almost everything a person can want. Younger ones; party island, adrenaline pump activities, a bit older ones; history, fortress, lavender fields, beautiful secluded beaches..

The closest one day trips we did not mention before but still better than the once mentioned for some; Montenegro (because why wait in the car on the border :)), Pasjaca beach (you must have heard about this one of 10 best Europe listed beaches!), Olive plantage Šipan island day (go drink, explore & swim), romance on Koločep (surprise her with the most romantic dinner setting on an island, girls you are not excluded - make something special for your man!), wine tasting Montenegro (get to Montenegro with less borded wait, have a drink,2,3.. okay have some drinkS mean while meeting town of Kotor), sunset around Old Town walls (romance everywhere, while you are in Dubrovnik, why not making your sunsets magical for your loved one), Cavtat & party (do you need any explanation?), party boat day (coming to Dubrovnik to party it up on a beach? This way you get to go to several different beach parties, you know you want to click!)...

birthday party adriatic sea

Okay, now all that's left is for you to pick one, or two, or maybe if you are wild enough 3 and come to Dubrovnik!

Until next post,
with love
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SUMMER IS HERE! ADVENTURE IS CALLING! Hi peeps, we wanted to do a little change from Friday blogging to Monday blogging. After getting lots of great feedback, we thought why not switch it up a little. Monday is usually not the most favourable day of the week so here we are to make it fun and great again! And no, do not get used to it, this is a decision for now.. we love creative changes, so who knows what will be next on our list!

Let us start our countdown for all you adventurers out there, we will give you tips on 5 adventures you can experience when traveling to Dubrovnik on a budget. Dubrovnik is not THAT expensive as everybody things, you just got to find out the best tips, and that’s where we step in. No more introduction, let’s go;

e scooter ride

No. 5 – E scooter fun! Come on, how many of you had scooter as a kid and loved riding it everywhere? 

We certainly did! But this is a different kind of scooter, almost the same except one this this is an eco-friendly scooter. You can push it by yourself, it is advisable as in that way you are recharging it – AMAZING huh? But if you are not up to it, then step on and feel the wind in your hair while driving up to 35 km/h. Yes, big thirty five! The only thing you are required is to have coordination. Now click on any of the following and let the child within out;
Along the coastline
From the top of Sokol tower
Fun ride through Konavle

Wine and scooter experience

kayak dubrovnik cliff jumpNo. 4 – Kayaking! Okay, okay, we know the first thing that pops in your mind is; ‘but there is paddling involved’. DON’T BE THAT LAZY! It is really not that hard, even for hard core lazy one of you out there. Also, you REALLY do not even notice you’re getting tired, you will be passing by the Old Town’s massive city walls, paddle to island Lokrum that is magical by itself, even get to end up at cliff jumping experience in a cave (well if you are brave enough)! Now, don’t be that lazy and just click on the following links, it will cost you 2 minutes and you might even dare to give it a try; 
Kayak experience
Game of Throne fan? Opt this kayak experience

No. 3 – Zumba class experience! You must of heard about this way of dancing already, however if not – this is a dance that combines Latin and international music with different dance moves. Why is it so special you ask? You do not need to know anything at all prior to arriving to class! There is no ''correct'' or ''incorrect'' moves, not choreography. Yes, those are moves that are combined, but you do not need to follow the instructor, the point is to connect your body with music and let yourself go! Now, the question is why do it while in Dubrovnik? The answer is WHY NOT?! You get to meet people from all over the world + lots of local people, connect, bond, get new tips and share with us ;)
Move your body!

No. 2 – Zip linening! One of the most thrilling experiences in Dubrovnik is definitely Zip line over secluded beach that is unreachable by land only from the sea. zip line dubrovnik adventureNow imagine yourself hanging over that beach, with a sunset view of the Elafiti islands (3 most popular islands near Dubrovnik) and nothing beneath you. You did? Okay, now imagine if you could stop in the middle of the zip line and turn over the other side to catch the view. You did? Okay, now imagine clicking on the link below and being able to truly experience this adrenaline ride with nothing left to imagination; 
Hang on!

No. 1 – Sea fun! You didn’t really believe we would skip all the fun and adrenaline rush you can get on our beautiful Adriatic coast! Pick banana ride, no – no, pick Jet Ski fun, oh wait, pick sea bob! Almost forgot, opt for diving, or maybe parasailing? No? What about stand up paddle board? All of the listed AND MORE you can experience while in Dubrovnik and traveling on a budget! Here you go;
Adrenaline pump experiences

parasailing Dubrovnik adventure

What is your favourite adrenaline pumping adventure while on holiday? If you let us know, we will arrange it for you! Until next surprise blog!

With love,
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Time to discover nature's aphrodisiac

FRIYAY! Now be a love and pass the wine that goes with these oysters!

We wanted to share with you our guilty pleasure – oysters. What better place to taste it directly from the sea but Pelješac peninsula. Yes!
Now all you oyster lovers prepare for the best day trip from Dubrovnik explained in detail, hopefully you have eaten your lunch and are not hungry. And the rest of you.. sorry this one is not for you, but in another blog we will reveal best meat options so keep reading!

Start is from Dubrovnik in the morning, and the first stop is a view point of the Ston bay and oyster farms. Just to tease you a little bit, no worries just take a pic and hop back in the car.
ston bay
Next stop is the one you have been waiting for an hour; oyster farm! Our knowledgeable and experienced driver will take you to family owned farm. 

oysters ston peninsula

Upon taking the oysters out of the sea (right there in front of you) your host at this rural household will give one to you. Now is the big moment!
Shell matters! Look at the shell of the oyster, the greener the better, although usually not a rule when tasting food, this one is fairly advisable. From the shell you will be able to see that the oyster was farmed in a proper way – your host will explain everything.

After spending some time getting to know the ways of farming the oysters, best time of the year to eat them & ways to fully enjoy eating oysters you will continue your trip. Next stop will be at Ston town. Some of you may already know it because of Ston walls and two thousand year B.C – Roman times, old salt works. Ston walls however are dating back to 1333 year, built by Dubrovnik Republic in order to defend the republic and the peninsula. These massive walls are considered one of the best planned defence system in Europe.

Take a tour and you will find out more about the history of this magical place, in this blog we will talk about the delicious food this peninsula provides. To continue your trip, after you have explored Ston, you will be seated at a small wooden boat and end up on a private island in the middle of the Ston bay. Why you ask? Just sit back and relax, while captain stops in the middle of the way to the island, takes oysters from the farm out of the sea. Yes, you can try them again and again and again. This day is made for it! Upon arrival to the island, lunch will be prepared. Want to know what is for lunch?
Sea food menu; Fish, oysters, shrimps, mussels… you never know until arrival, but what do you think of the choices?

oyster farm

We must go now, those oysters will not eat by them self’s! Pour yourself a glass of white wine, order oysters and try imagining you are here with us.
OR let us know you want to experience this day and leave everything to us!

With love, Creative Events Croatia

Happy Friday morning everyone! May your cup overflow with peace, love and pure awesomeness today!

We are back again with this weeks 5 tips about packing right for your dream vacation in Croatia. Ready to begin? We are;
Like always we are beginning with number 5: Once traveling to Croatia from any country, please check if the adapters are the same as in your country. Bring converters, it won't take up much place in your suitcase and in that way you are sure you will be able to charge your phone/camera and the rest of technical equipment you are caring. It is easy to buy them at the airport, however why not prepare in advance for the possibility. Also charge your electronics before taking off, we suggest even buying an external battery for day trips while in the destination. Just imagine being somewhere magical and not being able to take a pic or a video to memorize the moment just because of the battery.

Number 4: Prepare your outfits in advance. Yes it is an exhausting tip, however once you get started it will be easier. Check out the weather reports and start trying out the possibilities. If you need any hand with inspiration for the best outfits check out our Instagram and the clothing our guests wore. Most of you will be opting for summer holiday in Croatia, and once packing in advance colourful options are the best. If by any chance you are not a fan of picking outfits, we suggest opting for more neutral colours that are easily combined with one another.

travel outfits

Packing light is on number 3. You have probably read already about this a couple of times and thought to yourself that you always try doing that however it doesn’t turn out that way almost any time. We have a tip for you; roll, roll and roll some more! If you do not want to spend your precious time in the destination while ironing and still want to bring just that one more dress, and maybe just one more skirt, this is the way to do it. You will save up more space in your suitcase, and no ironing required once arriving. Also guys, leave room for souvenirs, you DO NOT need to fill up your suitcase to the point you will need to sit on it to be able to close it.

luggage packing

Make your life easier – make a list! Number 2. Goes to some more ‘work’ from your side, however it will be beneficial. Here are some headlines for the list; CLOTHES – then you are arriving to number 2 and your prepared outfits, TOILETRIES – write down what is an essential for you in your everyday routine and invest in travel sized toiletries like soaps and deodorants, MAKE UP – girls remember you are traveling towards summer season! No need for carrying too much, natural is in trend for 2019 after all, and for the rest there is this, CARRY ON – remember you will be traveling to reach the destination, weather it is a long travel or short one, remember the things like snacks, headphones, charger, hair tie, water bottle, sunglasses..

travel checklist

Main thing before every else on our list and yours as well should be to check your airline baggage policy, number 1! Weather it is an international flight or domestic one, do check your weight allowance, it is easy to find on each airline companies sites. Which bring us back to number 3 – PACK LIGHT. After all, whatever you forget and really cannot spend your vacation without it, you are able to buy in Croatia!


*When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money! – Susan Heller

travel luggage

Friday, 17 May 2019 11:51

Answers about Croatia and Dubrovnik

Welcome again to yet another blog post that is going to ease your life if travelling to Croatia in general and Dubrovnik to be specific.
Today we are going to answer questions you wanted to ask and you need to know prior to arriving to our beautiful little country.

Croatian money  Usually first question is about the currency. Yes, we do have different currency then most of European Union members, we still use our KUNA. It      is   in use back from 1994, and the code id HRK. The historical use of marten pelts as a unit of value for medieval trading is why Croatian money is    called ‘’kuna’’ – means ‘’marten’’ in Croatian. Okay, enough of the history, the point is this is the currency in Croatia which you will need to use to        buy anything. However in some souvenir shops, accommodations and for some transport means you can still pay in Euro.
  Suggested tip: prior to arriving exchange the money, the commission in exchange offices are rocket high!
  *One pint of beer is around 20 HRK which is 2,70€ on today’s course.
  Credit cards
– can we use them in Croatia? Come on guys, we are not that outdated! Yes, you can use your credit card in Croatia, any credit card.
  However we still advise to have cash with you, the use of credit card can ease your trip but the Croatian banks take again high commissions for          use. Regarding the cards; Visa and MasterCard are accepted everywhere, Diners Club and American Express are accepted as well but in larger hotels, restaurants, stores.
  Suggested tip: use Visa or MasterCard while paying in Croatia, there will be no place that accepts credit card as a mean of payment and does not accept Visa or MasterCard.

  What is our language and do we speak English? We love this one! No, we do not speak English and we force you to speak Croatian (our native        language), if you are not willing to speak Croatian we ignore you! HA-HA, just kidding guys. Yes, around 80% of population speaks English, some better and some worse, however everyone will try and help you with any quest you have. Using gestures with hands and feet is also the way of explaining for some, the point being you get the information :)

Croatia flag

Are we safe as a country? Another one that is a bit unreasonable. In each and every country there is crime unfortunately, and Croatia is the same. To ease your mind a bit, we usually have crimes related to government and frauds that are a constant. Crime levels are quite low, mostly during the summer time as; mostly everybody is working so there is no time, we are very lazy as well, and the biggest crime that can happen to you is some agency rips you off with prices – yet another reason to opt for us ;)

That's all for now, please do let us know if you found this blog informative and entertaining (at least a little bit)! Also tell us if there are any other questions we did not cover and you wish to know.

*For the end: NO! Yugoslavia is not Croatia nor the other way around. Croatia is an independent country as well as all the former country members formerly in Yugoslavia.

Friday, 10 May 2019 11:55

5 Dubrovnik secluded hidden beaches

Hi guys! This spring, oh sorry summer, no no – winter post! Do not think we are crazy and do not know what time of year it is and what season it SHOULD be. But if you are currently in Dubrovnik, you will be able to experience from 2 up to all 4 season changing in only ONE day! The weather in the past week was crazy, you wake up with rain and very unusual cold weather, in about an hour the sun comes up and Celsius go up as well... coming closer to the night you experience autumn and then again winter during night. Still, one more reason to come to Dubrovnik, how many of you can say that in one day they changed 4 seasons and all that on your vacation?

Ok, now that we have established time of year currently in Dubrovnik, let’s start with this week’s top 5!
Top 5 secluded hidden spots, not they will be so hidden after this post, but never mind, we love to share local tips with you!

On number 5. You can find rocky formation in the coastline that form a natural little island, that looking from above looks it’s in the shape of heart, Sikirica. There are place for 2 maybe 3 couples to be at the same time on the ‘island’, and to reach it from the land there will be around 20 minutes driving towards Split from Dubrovnik and then 10 minutes hiking downhill through underbrush. If reaching it (and this is the way we highly suggest) by boat from the sea, it is very easy and much more beautiful as you see all the different secluded bays along the way. Now, this small nature island has very shallow coast around it and is very welcoming to explorers as the sea is so clear that even a bit further away the island on a boat you can see down to the bottom and all the little fishes swimming beneath you. 

Pasjaca beach

Number 4. Belongs to Pasjača beach; yes we know, just another beach, but no peeps! On this one we are so very proud, unfortunately it is not that hidden any more as this year it was pronounced the BEST EUROPEAN BEACH! Oh yesss!!! Thank you, thank you… just kidding. However this is just one more reason you MUST visit this beach if coming to Dubrovnik. Again if you are coming from land there is around 30 minutes driving through Konavle valley and then around 15 minutes going downhill narrow stairs. Or you might choose to visit the beach by boat, and we offer that as well because that is our favourite way of exploring the coastline. It truly has mesmerizing views & sea life.

Number 3. – in the middle of our 5 secrets we revealed to you, stands ‘Mali Žali’ beach. Mostly everybody from Dubrovnik and neighbouring villages + visitors/tourists know about the beach called ‘Veliki Žali’ but only a few know about this hidden gem. The beach is popular among sailor man because of the unusual depth of the sea, so sailors can anchor only a few meters from the shore. It is a rocky beach but the sea is clear and clean and privacy is guaranteed as it is not well known beach. With a car from Dubrovnik you will travel around 30 minutes north, but we definitely suggest taking a boat ride. Just imagine anchoring few meters from the shore and jumping from the boat into a great depth!


Number 2. Is reserved for a beach very close to Dubrovnik Old Town then the 3 already listed = Boninovo beach. Not the right name as it is not a beach as much as it is a big nature rock construction and a cliff. Mostly locals go swimming there, so you will be able to see lots of older people playing cards in the little shade area they hand made over the years and generations who had been going there. It is a very calm spot, just 10 minutes on foot from the Old Town to the entrance to little park area in which you need to find (on your right!) stairs going downhill. You will not be able to see the place up until you walk from the forest to an opening when you are already at the rock! There are metal stairs going into the water for easier entrance, however lots of people just use the rocks surrounding the stairs to jump in. Sun bathing is guaranteed as there is very little place for shade, but the view on the open sea and little caves around the spot are truly amazing.


Great number 1.! This is the farthest beach of all 5 in our choice. This little place is on Pelješac peninsula and it is called Žuljana – the place and the beach as well. It is situated in the middle of peninsula and there is around an hour and a half from Dubrovnik with a car to reach the spot. IT IS WORTH IT! The whole place is a little secluded bay, sheltered from the wind if you stay on the main beach, but the magic of this place is in exploring the surroundings. Why you ask? Just continuing walking the pathway through the woods towards to open sea area you will find plenty of secluded nature made beaches where you will certainly be alone. Some of the places are larger but some are very small that fit only 2 towels. Picture your better half and yourself on your private little beach in the middle of Pelješac, or taking the whole family on a day trip! There are 2 bars and 1 restaurant at the place with around 200 people living.


Zuljana beach, out in the open seaHope you have enjoyed us spelling all the secrets our region successfully hides over the years.
Let us know your favourite or opt for one, maybe two or maybe all 5 of them, we will gladly take you on your perfect beach day!

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